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About Gigarocket

Welcome, so you would like to know more about our story? Gigarocket started back in June 2013 as a free web hosting provider offering free cpanel website on a post-2-host (P2H) format. We still to this day offer P2H web hosting, we are one of the top providers of P2H on the Internet.

We offer free web hosting to help up and coming student web designers and small businesses find their foothold on the Internet. We do this very well, you can see this in action just by visiting our forums.

We also offer premium shared web hosting packages, trusted by many website owners and small businesses. They enjoy a service that is affordable and reliable. Not much more to say on that matter.

Gigarocket has grown over the last few years, we now prefer to be known as a hosting and webmaster community. Many experienced (young and old) designers and web developers have joined our rockets to help each other out and to chat about learning new skills, sharing web design skills and helping one and other to promote websites.

As we have grown, so have our services. We can now offer VPS Servers for free. We are one of only a handful of trusted providers of a free VPS. However we don't just give them away to anyone, they go to community members who help others out and have a positive, friendly attitude.

So now here we are in 2017, Gigarocket is still growing bigger and developing new services and freebies for our community members. We will be launching our web developers section soon, packed with tutorials, themes and templates, interviews with experts in the web hosting and web development industry.

Are you new here? Join the community and come along for the ride, you will learn lots and meet new friends. Speaking of friends, head over the friends page to meet the people who make Gigarocket as great as it is.