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A great WordPress Duplicator alternative!

08/01/2016 | |0 comment

In August I wrote a blog post about the Duplicator Plugin with which I had been so impressed with.

I still am, however my admiration went down a few notches at end of December when after an upgrade of Gigarank’s php version the Duplicator failed to create backups. Problem is that the process of duplication requires more memory and execution time than what the new php version allowed for. This is what the new php 5.6.17 allows:

WP Clone Dashboard 4

I repeatedly tried to switch to an older version of php in the Gigarank cPanel as one has the option to switch to earlier versions of php. But no can do. It still presented problems. So much so that I was unable to use the Duplicator Plugin any longer.

It was very important for me to find a similar plugin that could work with my Gigarank cPanel.  I work with a number of Servers and I love the ease and mobility of duplicating a WordPress site and moving it to a new Server without having to reinstall WordPress from scratch again.  This meant I had to find another plugin and after a very long search was very happy when I found WP Clone by by WP Academy. It is a free plugin that comes very highly rated by wordpress.org:


Where the difference comes in is that WP Clone has figured out the problem, and instead of Duplicator that says one has to find another Server that works with Duplicator, or one has to solve the problem with one’s host, WP Clone has created an advanced option in the WP Clone Dashboard for solving the problem.

Here is how it works – when creating a Backup click on the Advanced Settings link as shown below:


It then provides an advanced option for overriding the maximum memory and execution time as shown below:


Then after completing the above option, all one has to do is click on the “Create Backup” button, and one is done. In the case of Gigarank the backup was created in a flash, and the result is a link that allows one to upload the backup to one’s computer.

Another reason I now favour the WP Clone Plugin over the Duplicator Plugin is that it is much MUCH more user-friendly and faster to operate. Many less steps. I didn’t need to work through a YouTube tutorial or detailed documentation, although there is a video and plenty of documentation available at the wordpress.org plugin page. And since it is so simple and user-friendly to operate it doesn’t need all of the additional documentation that Duplicator is so proud to display.

Well done WP Clone and what a lucky find for me!

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