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A slow pageload solution

01/08/2015 | |0 comment

slowpageA couple of weeks ago we received a ticket from a relatively new hosted premium member.  He had severe problems with slow page loads.

Good Day,

I am having some issues with page load speed. Is there a heavy weight on the databases?
It is taking 30-45 seconds to load a fresh install of wordpress.

So of course a long discussion followed with both sides arguing whether it was a server or an ISP problem.  We were almost dead certain it was the customer’s ISP, whereas the customer was dead certain there was a problem with DNS on our side.  So we tried all kinds of alternatives:

1. Google Public DNS.  By getting the customer to set his router IP to  That didn’t work.

2. Adding a Word Press Super Cache plugin.  Customer had already tried that and it didn’t work.

So right towards the end when our Tech Admin and the customer were ready to throw in the towel they tried a last ditch solution.  Our Tech Admin created a brand-new cpanel account with a new main domain and moved all of the Websites to the new cpanel account.  Total surprise, as that worked like super lighting.  Almost literally  We had ourselves a lift-off and a very happy and relieved customer.

So in the end it had to do with a quirk of Apache’s.  Apache developed a headache from all of the domain changes and had difficulty to figure out the DNS:

1. Original hosting account first started with a free sub-domain.  I.e. name.free.site.

2. Then request was received to change Name.free.site to name.com.

3. Apache couldn’t get a handle on the name changes and then trouble started with loading the Web pages.

So if a slow page load should hit any one and they’ve exhausted all of the traditional possibilities.  Try and create a new cpanel account with a new main domain, and see whether that will solve the problem. Just one of the many simple yet genius solutions of our Technical Admin Un4saken.  Never fear when Un4saken is near.




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