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All posts by: Genesis

FREE HOSTING ENDED – Gigarocket Forum and Website continues

07/12/2020 | |0 comment

This is sad news.  But who knows, maybe a beginning of something new.  What is certain however is that cpanel hosting has come to an end at GigaRocket.  The...

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R.I.P Frihost and FFS!

14/02/2019 | |0 comment

Author’s Note – this article is written under my Forum names Deanhills of Frihost.com & Hellsing of FreeFTPspace.org.  There is no link between GigaRocket.net and Frihost.com, other than a...

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Shortest number of steps to set up WordPress for VPS beginners!

12/01/2019 | |0 comment

I’m hoping to perfect the shortest number of steps for beginner users with a Windows and cPanel background, from receiving the password for a VPS to installing a WordPress...

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My preferred Free VPS Panels for 2019

12/01/2019 | |0 comment

WHM/cpanel is the best panel there is. However, of course VERY pricey. For a VPS a WHM/cpanel license will cost you approx 15 US$ per month. WHM/cpanel also takes...

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Great News! GigaRocket relaunches its post2host VPS service!

11/01/2019 | |0 comment

Gigarocket has great pleasure to announce that it has relaunched its free VPS service on a post to host basis. The free Linux VPS has much improved specs: 1...

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How to change Port 22 on CentoS 7

10/01/2019 | |0 comment

I know I’m not the only one who has experienced this security issue.  Particularly after taking occupation of a new VPS.  When I SSH into the VPS it showed...

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A peek at the new WP Gutenberg Editor!

01/01/2019 | |0 comment

I’m a very lucky subscriber of WP Courses at WP specialist Kirk Biglione of California’s WPApprentice online site. I ended up doing all of his courses during the summer...

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How to measure the speed of your VPS!

12/12/2018 | |0 comment

Ever wondered how some of the geeks are able to produce a speed test of their VPS?  The following tutorial shows how you can set up your VPS to...

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How to upgrade the php on a VPS from php 5.6 to 7.0!

12/11/2018 | |0 comment

Quite a number of new scripts and applications ask for php version 7.0.  Warning however, one has to make an informed decision before you change from the one to...

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How to prepare for GDPR!

25/08/2018 | |0 comment

The EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into force on 25 May 2018.  The basic objective of the regulations is to protect the privacy of user data of...

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