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Building Robust Technical SEO Foundations for Online Success

11/04/2023 | |0 comment

In order to thrive in the digital landscape, it is imperative to establish a solid foundation for your website. This entails a meticulous SEO analysis, ensuring your website adheres to best practices and delivers an exceptional user experience. Our technical SEO services involve a comprehensive review of over 100 points, including but not limited to:

  1. Canonical Tags: Guaranteeing the proper implementation of canonical tags to prevent duplicate content issues and maintain the integrity of your website’s search engine rankings.
  2. Robots.txt Checks: Evaluating the effectiveness of your robots.txt file, which directs search engine crawlers on how to navigate and index your website’s content.
  3. Duplicate On-Site Content: Identifying and addressing instances of duplicate content within your website to preserve a high level of uniqueness and avert potential search engine penalties.
  4. Broken Links: Detecting and repairing any broken links on your website, which can adversely impact user experience and search engine rankings.
  5. Indexation Issues: Investigating any issues with the indexing of your website’s pages by search engines, ensuring that all pertinent content is suitably crawled and indexed.
  6. Missing or Duplicate Meta Data: Inspecting your website’s meta data, such as title tags and meta descriptions, for any discrepancies or duplications that may obstruct search engine optimisation efforts.
  7. 404 Errors: Identifying and addressing any 404 errors on your website, which can lead to a subpar user experience and negatively influence your search engine rankings.
  8. International Targeting: Certifying that your website is suitably optimised for international audiences, taking into consideration factors such as language targeting and hreflang tags.
  9. XML Sitemap Checks: Assessing the efficiency of your XML sitemap, a vital tool that enables search engine crawlers to effectively index your website’s content.

By rigorously examining these crucial aspects of your website, our technical SEO services strive to establish a robust foundation that enhances the user experience and ensures optimal visibility in search engine results. Constructing a strong technical SEO foundation is a critical step towards achieving long-term success and growth for your online presence.


Technical SEO Foundations Checklist:

  1. Canonical Tags
    • Properly implemented canonical tags
    • Prevention of duplicate content issues
  2. Robots.txt Checks
    • Effective robots.txt file
    • Correct instructions for search engine crawlers
  3. Duplicate On-Site Content
    • Identification of duplicate content
    • Resolution of duplicate content issues
  4. Broken Links
    • Detection of broken links
    • Rectification of broken links
  5. Indexation Issues
    • Investigation of indexing problems
    • Ensuring proper crawling and indexing of content
  6. Missing or Duplicate Meta Data
    • Examination of meta data consistency
    • Resolution of inconsistencies or duplications
  7. 404 Errors
    • Identification of 404 errors
    • Addressing 404 errors
  8. International Targeting
    • Optimisation for international audiences
    • Appropriate language targeting and hreflang tags
  9. XML Sitemap Checks
    • Evaluation of XML sitemap efficacy
    • Ensuring efficient indexing of website content

By completing this checklist, you can ascertain that your website possesses a strong technical SEO foundation that will enhance user experience and bolster search engine rankings.



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