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Category: General Articles

Working with those pesky name servers for the first time

01/09/2013 | |0 comment

So what are name servers really, and what is the big deal about them? Many of us get to publishing our Websites for the first time, and then have...

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How to start a Website for the first time

01/09/2013 | |0 comment

1. Develop an idea for the Website If you don’t have any ideas, and are looking for some, look closely at what you are doing every day on the...

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Eight tips for choosing a domain name

31/08/2013 | |0 comment

Choosing a domain name for your Website can be a daunting task at times. Here are some tips to make this task a little easier: 1. Choose at least...

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Google Page Rank Update 2013 Overdue

29/08/2013 | |0 comment

Have you like millions of other website owners been eagerly awaiting the second Googe Page Rank update of 2013? It`s now August 29 and still no work on the...

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Why should you Nofollow your links? Google trying to kill your website?

28/08/2013 | |0 comment

Google is getting a bit absurd with suggesting that any form of content creation that drives links should include rel=nofollow. Certainly some techniques may be abused, but if you...

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So what is this new Google disavow tool, and is it safe to use it?

13/08/2013 | |0 comment

So you are worried. You are hoping to get a good ranking from Google, but have noticed your links don’t look too good. Google may also have given you...

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Google AdSense Policy Violations

07/08/2013 | |0 comment

We know a lot of you on here display Google Adsense advertisements on your websites hosted with us to make a little extra money. We also know many of...

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The SEO Dictionary

26/07/2013 | |0 comment

Huge list of search engine optimization and internet marketing industry related keywords with their definitions, click on any of the keywords to see it`s definition. If you would like...

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FFMPEG Info and Paths

23/07/2013 | |0 comment

Below are the FFMPEG, codecs, tools and their installation paths. Should you have any issues with your scripts, please contact the script development team first, point them to this...

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Server Maintenance

22/07/2013 | |0 comment

  We are carrying out server maintenance today (Monday 22nd July) which will probably last a couple of hours. We need to re-size a partition on our server, (increase...

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