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Category: General Articles

Dot.tk a scam registrar? Or is it?

22/07/2013 | |0 comment

OK, so you got yourself a .tk Website. You feel very lucky that you got a domain name that you wouldn’t have been able to get with .com. It...

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Onpage SEO: The Right Way

19/07/2013 | |0 comment

A cool infographic on how to carry out Onpage SEO on your website pages.

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Mobile Website Designers – Go-Mobile.com

12/07/2013 | |0 comment

Over the past few years, mobile web usage has considerably increased to the point that businesses can no longer afford to ignore it. In wealthy countries, the shift is...

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Unlimited Hosting BEWARE!

12/07/2013 | |0 comment

There is no such thing as unlimited hosting. Yet it’s being advertised a lot by unscrupulous or naive Webhost owners to get you to sign up with them. Be...

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SEO Tutorial for Mobile Devices & Smartphones

09/07/2013 | |0 comment

Responsive Design, Dynamic Content, or Mobile URLs? If you’re designing the mobile experience from scratch, this question is the first place to start. If you already have a mobile...

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A Day in the Internet

07/07/2013 | |0 comment

A day in the Internet. A Day in The Life of The Internet via HostGator

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10 Commandments of SEO – Infographic

28/06/2013 | |0 comment

I`ve found a fantastic infographic depicting Matt Cutt`s (Google) as Moses laying down the law with the 10 Commandments of SEO. For those who are unaware of who Matt...

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