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Category: Tutorials & How-to Guides

How to automate WordPress using Python and WordPress Rest API.

28/10/2022 | |0 comment

WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems in the world. It is popular for its simplicity and flexibility, allowing users to easily create and manage...

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Learn how to install and get started with Next.js and how to create a simple application

04/10/2022 | |0 comment

NextJS is a popular and powerful JavaScript framework that is used to create web applications and websites. It is built on top of ReactJS, a popular and widely used...

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Web Scraping with PHP and CURL with examples

05/08/2022 | |0 comment

Web scraping is a technique used to extract data from web pages and other online sources. It is a powerful tool used by businesses to collect data from websites,...

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PHP script to create waypoint navigation breadcrumbs

01/06/2022 | |0 comment

Breadcrumbs are a form of navigation used in web pages and websites. They are usually found at the top of the page (and sometimes the bottom) and are used...

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The differences between PHP and JavaScript. What are the key differences between them?

21/05/2022 | |0 comment

It’s no secret that PHP and JavaScript are two of the most popular programming languages used in web development today. But what are the key differences between them? And...

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PHP script to remove the white space and comments

17/03/2022 | |0 comment

As the importance of website performance continues to rise, developers are taking a closer look at their code to ensure that the sites they create are running as quickly...

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PHP Script to prevent XSS, or Cross-Site Scripting

16/03/2022 | |0 comment

XSS, or Cross-Site Scripting, is a type of injection attack that occurs when malicious scripts are injected into a web page. It can be used to steal sensitive information,...

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The benefits of Google Search Console and how to use it to the best of its capabilities

07/02/2022 | |0 comment

Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is an online web service offered by Google in order to help website owners monitor, maintain, and optimize their presence in the...

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How to set up a VPS with WordPress in a few minutes!

14/05/2018 | |0 comment

I’ve been playing with VPSs since the end of 2014, ever since the owner of GigaRocket very generously provided me with one to try out for the first time....

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Using Key-Pair SSH Logins from Windows with PuTTY to your Debian VPS

21/10/2017 | |0 comment

Key-Based SSH Logins With PuTTY Create private/public key pair to log in to a remote system with SSH using PuTTY. What is PuTTY? PuTTY is an SSH client for logging...

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