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Shared cPanel hosting more reliable than VPS?

14/06/2018 | |0 comment

I’ve gone through the VPS learning curve over the last two years participating in other discussion forums as well, and I must say nothing can beat a shared cPanel hosting account for me.  It’s still the best there is, particularly with Softaculous.

I’m able to set up and run a VPS very fast with a free panel, VestaCP and with WordPress sites from Softaculous (paid) or from the command line, however for me nothing is as fast or can compete with a shared cPanel hosting.  Since it is cheaper for the host to run than a VPS, I find shared hosting much more reliable as well.  I’ve got shared hosting dating for much longer periods than VPS. Since there are big costs involved with VPS for the VPS host, I’ve seen plenty of VPSs disappearing in a blink of an eye.

The shared hosting on offer by GigaRocket is unbeatable.  The dedicated server is from OVH and of the fastest and most secure we’ve ever had before.  Just compare what it was like to create a WordPress Website in the old days, even up to a year ago, with today.  With the Softaculous that is loaded with cPanel, one doesn’t even have to create a database.  It’s automatically created for you. It also allows a person to set up the WordPress to have the script and plugins automatically updated.  cPanel these days also includes Self signed certificates (SSL) for free.  By cPanel high standards, the standards and also feature richness of cPanel is much improved from even a year ago.

Unless one wants to save on a dedicated server to go for a large VPS, I can understand why someone would opt for a VPS.  But for running a few Websites, I’d say a free shared hosting account with cPanel and Softaculous is still the best way to go for webhosting.