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Do you backup your website files?

12/06/2014 | |0 comment

backupsBackups are undoubtedly the most important maintenance function you can do on your website.

If you’re not doing regular backups, all I can ask is “Why Not?” It is always a good practice to regularly back up data your website files, media and databases in the event of a catastrophic failure. Do you regularly backup your website data?  You should do!

When managing your own sites, it is always best to have on hand a current backup copy of your websites. This is important in case your site breaks, is hacked or you may be moving your site to a new server. But, the frequency you choose to backup your website is different for every site.

Personally I prefer to download backups once a month to a USB memory stick. Everyone should be backing up their website periodically.

Here`s how to backup your files with cPanel

You can create a backup of your website files and databases quite easily with the cPanel backup utility. Account backups can be performed using the cPanel -> Backups functionality in your cPanel Control Panel. If your account is not too big in size (under 500Mb) you can perform a full account backup just with one click.

If the account is too large (over 500Mb) for the full automatic backup the files and the databases should be backed up separately. In this case you would need to know what your web site consists of and thus what should be backed up/restored. Sites consist of files and databases. You must take care of them all if you want to have your site exactly the way it has been before.

Backup your files via FTP

Using your favourite FTP program download the entire contents of public_html to your computer, if you use MYsql databases you down export them using the PHP MYadmin tool in cPanel.  Remember to store your files in a safe place such as a USB Memory or burn them to a CD/ DVD.

Share your comments and thoughts

How often do you backup your website? Do you have any tips to share with our readers? Please comment below!

For peace of mind, Gigarank make regular backups of all the websites we host, very soon we will also be investing in offsite backups for additional protection.


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