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FREE HOSTING ENDED – Gigarocket Forum and Website continues

07/12/2020 | |0 comment

This is sad news.  But who knows, maybe a beginning of something new.  What is certain however is that cpanel hosting has come to an end at GigaRocket.  The cost of the license has become totally unaffordable and unsustainable as every one in the industry well knows.  The owner of Gigarocket – Chris – DJB – is currently rethinking the business without a cpanel in it.

Although the free hosting has ended today, Gigarocket Forum and Website continues.  Chris has moved the Forum and Website from hosting with Contabo in Germany to quality hosting in the UK.  So for those members who have supported us over the many years, please check in at the Forum from time to time as who knows what the future may bring.  DirectAdmin Hosting may be a possibility, or a completely new way of providing hosting.

Chris and his partner Un4saken have invested a lot of their personal time and effort as well as funding to support thousands of up and coming web developers and business enthusiasts with free-from-ads quality cpanel and softaculous hosting.  They have been doing this over a period of 15 years and in the process carved professional careers for themselves in the industry.  Their contribution started with StoneRocket from 2005 to 2011, then FreeFTPSpace from 2011 to 2012 and finally Gigalicious in 2013, that was renamed to Gigarank and finally Gigarocket a few years ago.  In addition to being a whizz at finding quality bargain hosting Chris is also a genius in the selection of domain names, a marketing and SEO Specialist.  Un4saken is a technical wizard and not only conversant with Linux in all of its shapes and forms, but also creative in recreating applications like phpBB, myBB, XenForo and more and building linked platforms between them.  He has a razor sharp mind and can move with the speed of a Porsche.

The free hosting world has changed so much since 2005 when it used to be a thriving business and there was very little need for licenses to be obtained or security issues and black listing to be contended with.  One used to be able to create a quickie html Website that could work unattended for years and still be up and running at the end of time.  Whereas today one has to be vigilant for all kinds of threats lurking around the corner and licenses that have to be renewed with ever narrower periods of time and higher cost.  So much energy gets zapped with administration with very little left for real fun like it used to be and absence of constraints to design to one’s heart’s content.  An end of an era for sure, but hopefully there is still  a possibility for something new and even better to be created. Another interesting learning curve waiting for us.

Regardless of what the future may bring us, our appreciation goes to Chris ( @DJB ) and to @un4saken for sponsoring, supporting and donating freely and generously of their time over all of these years. We hope that this is not the end yet, however regardless of what happens wish them both everything of the best with their careers and growing families.