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How to find a free or cheap VPS?

14/07/2018 | |0 comment


As members of the VPS community come to know, GigaRocket no longer offers free VPSs. GigaRocket is not alone in this though. There are other free post for VPS hosts who could not justify the high cost of running a free VPS service either. One of the greatest problems, in addition to the high cost of IPs was and still is the high maintenance that is needed from qualified Admin. This was the main reason why https://freevps.us stopped providing free VPSs at the end of May.

As far as I know from the VPS post to host forum grapevine there are only three reliable free post4vps hosts left.  One of the three is a dedicated host for games VPSs. I’ll attempt to provide an overview of each below.  All of the forums come highly recommended but you need to be patient as Administrators aren’t always available to provide the VPSs immediately.  This is mostly a generous community service by those Admin who are willing and able to commit their time to help out in the Forums.

Free VPS Recommendation Number 1

post4vps.com asks for 25 quality posts in order to qualify for a VPS. Then a further 20 posts per month to keep the VPS. The once a month giveaway works on a competition basis. Those with the higher contribution to the community and higher points have a better chance to get the higher spec VPS. Currently post4vps.com has the following VPSs to offer. Please note that most of the locations are US locations.


VPS 9 is the most sought after VPS in the above list and is usually won by those with the higher post count. Although its locations are also US – I’ve tried out a VPS 9 and they are fast even by long distance to hub standards:

Free VPS Recommendation Number 2

The second post4vps forum I can recommend is https://freevps.club. Freevps.club is run mostly by the owner, “coreyman” who has been around with post4host and post4vps for a long time. Most of the VPSs come from his own servers as he is a professional dedicated server specialist. He asks for 30 posts to be made in order to qualify for a free VPS and 15 posts per month to keep the VPS. There is no competition. You can apply at any time. His VPSs are limited to US locations. Here’s a list of servers on offer and how to get them:

Free VPS Recommendation Number 3 – Games Servers

If you’re into games servers and looking for free games servers I can recommend limitlessrpg.com post4host forum. I know the owner and he has lived and breathed games servers for most of his life to the extent that all of the games servers that are offered by him are ddos protected. He is an expert on games servers security. The post4vps community is also great from the point of view you get to discuss topics that are directly relevant to games servers. The games servers on offer are MTA SA or SAMP Servers:

The number of games servers slots are dependent on the Sponsors.  If a sponsor is able to provide more slots, more slots can be requested, for more maintenance posts per month:
20 slots server = 20 posts every month.
30 slots server = 25 posts every month.
40 slots server = 30 posts every month.
50 slots server = 35 posts every month.
100 slots server = 45 posts every month.

Cheap Paid VPSs

If you can afford a cheap VPS you’ll probably be much better off than post4vps, however that is also no guarantee that it will last forever. Quite a number of the small VPS hosts have disappeared from the VPS market over the last year, as the small hosts find it very difficult to make a living from VPSs; they soon find themselves overwhelmed with the massive admin maintenance and narrow profit margins, and are easily overrun by very large hosts like OVH and Hetzner with much larger support frameworks. However, I can vouch for at least two really great cheap VPS hosts that have been around for a few years and most likely will be around for the next few years as well.

Cheap Paid VPS Recommendation Number 1

Hostus offers a high quality cheap package for only 2US$ per month on a quarterly basis and you can also sign up for a year. The beauty of hostus.us, apart from being a host that knows how to put really great quality VPSs together with a genuine 24 hour around the clock support, is its locations. It covers almost the whole of the US, but also all of the key centers in Europe, Asia and the Far East I have a cheap VPS from them with location in London, and speed is excellent.

Cheap Paid VPS Recommendation Number 2

Virmach is another cheap VPS host I can definitely recommend. Only negative for me is that although it offers locations in Europe, they seem to be always unavailable – “Out of stock”. Its locations are predominantly in the US. I’ve tried them out on a free basis though, and like HostUS, even when the location is far from my hub, speed is still unbelievably fast. Here are their cheap unmanaged Linux VPS offers:

HostUs doesn’t offer Windows VPSs as maybe it doesn’t make that much sense, but there does seem to be a market for it and Virmach does have cheap Windows VPSs available:

VPS mobility

One thing for certain in my own experience is that VPS hosts come and go all of the time, particularly when one is posting for a VPS. While I was trying out VPSs at FreeVPS.us for example (2016-2018), my first VPS lasted a few months before the sponsor recalled it. The next one about the same time, and a next one and a next one after that. The positive part of this was that I learned to make the content of my VPSs as mobile as I could. I learned to set up a Vesta Control Panel and use a Website backup plugin to both back up and import my WordPress sites in seconds. Here is the WordPress plugin I’m using:

For more info about using the migration tool with VestaCP and WordPress check my blog article here.