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Internet Radio – The Future Of Streaming.

28/01/2018 | |0 comment

We’ve all been there, wandering through the desolate wasteland of the post apocalyptic world needing that ideal song for beating down mutated degenerates.

Okay maybe that’s just me playing too much Fallout after a week long Modafinil binge.

But we are pretty sure you hate the office radio, everyone does. The same monotonous music day in day out by some ginger homeless fellow called Ed Sheeran.

I think we can all agree it’s time for a change.

When Spotify or your choice of Music Streaming Service just doesn’t cut it anymore Internet Radio is the next logical step.

This Article is going to cover some of the best Internet Radio stations we have found

1. Rekt Network – Post Apocalyptic Radio

Our Favourite Online Radio Broadcaster at the moment is the Rekt Network , putting out a brilliant selection of artists you are likely unfamiliar with but won’t be able to get enough of.

You can find Rekt here, upon visiting you will be greeted by some of the most aesthetically pleasing and functional web design we have ever seen utilising a simple colour palette, beautiful typography and crisp, clear graphic design.

Rekt offers four stations as standard each with different themes which we find great for concentration, mellow beats and minimal lyrics help to drive performance and in our opinion improve the quality of our articles due to their distraction free nature.

Why choose Rekt ?

It’s not just the great music, visiting the Rekt website is an experience in itself, offering it’s own community in the form of a hand coded Web IRC client.

We took the time to approach Z, one of the Operators and founding members of the Rekt Network and he was nice enough to provide us with a fantastic embedded livestream for our site something which we really appreciate.

Station Options.


The main station on the network, offers an exciting blend of music from the Retrowave & Outrun genres as well as many more. Rekt! Is also the station to listen to Live DJ’s performing mind blowing sets.


As the name suggests Rektro offers a more traditional take on music features a relaxing RetroWave vibe . The Rektro channel is one of our personal favourites, giving an uplifting productivity boost with each track played.


The perfect chill out station guaranteed to keep you calmer than a Hindu Cow, the tracks played on Rektify are sure to calm you no matter your current demeanour.

In our opinion Rektify is the perfect way to unwind after a long day in the office, helping you to drift into a natural deep sleep waking relaxed and ready to go about your day.

If it sounds like I’m speaking from experience here it’s because I am. And I suggest you try it for yourself.


What can we say about the Rektory! If you close your eyes you can almost picture the haunting classics blasting from your pip boy while you sit in a rusty deck chair firing pot shots at mutants.

Step into the post apocalyptic world of the Rektory put your feet up and enjoy its eclectic offerings.

2. Datafruits.FM

Next up we have Datafruits FM. They build bridges between American and Japanese culture, offering some of the weirdest electronic music to ever reach your delicate ear drums.

The Website

The Datafruits website is somewhat bizarre a mishmash of bright pastel colours and eye catching graphics.

However, this does have some downsides. Unlike our friends at Rekt the Datafruits FM website appears unresponsive and is rather difficult to operate from a mobile device however with a bit of furious screen smashing you will get there.

The Music

An eclectic mix of Japanese, American and 8 bit game soundtracks, Datafruits is a high energy station well suited to any pharmaceutically enhanced individuals in the workplace.

Live Performances

Datafruits allow underground artists the chance to DJ, providing sets that are sometimes hours long and incredibly enjoyable.

In a similar vein to Rekt, Datafruits also offers a live chat on the website, however we are somewhat biased to the IRC network on Rekt due to being able to connect from a third party client like hexchat.

A third party client can be more discrete for a work environment and offers a variety of chat commands from within the client.

History of Datafruits

Datafruits.FM was established by Tony Miller in 2011. Inspired by other internet radio stations Rinse.fm and Sub.fm.

Miller decided to apply his web engineering skills and create a new take on internet radio. It features his favourite genres, including music based on 8-bit video game sounds and nightcore, a genre popularised by label PC Music.

Although Datafruits doesnt offer a responsive design this may come in the future and the music is great we recommend giving Datafruits a try especially in a fast paced energetic environment.


XRAY.FM is hosted by a variety of local DJ’s and broadcasts directly from Portland US. XRAY FMs Motto “Radio is yours. We are honoured to bring you some.” really rings true in their broadcasting style.

XRAY offer a little something for every taste, an eclectic range of local thinkers, comedians, commentators and artists.

80+ DJ’s perform 24 hours a day playing an upbeat and diverse range of funk, soul, R&B, metal, rock, indie, psychedelia, club, hip-hop and everything in between.

What’s so great about XRAY.FM radio

XRAY.FM have an ethos of anything goes and everything is worthy, offering a perfect way to discover new unheard artists and a platform for unbiased talk shows covering everything from in-depth docu style discussions to sex, drugs and basketball, nothing is off the table for this station.

Mainstream VS Unknown.

Unlike our two alternatives XRAY.FM is a touch more on the mainstream front when it comes to their music choices, but this isn’t always a bad thing.

However if a voyage of discovery on new artists isn’t really for you XRAY.FM really goes out of its way to bridge that gap by blending well known classics with unknown artists almost seamlessly.

This well mixed blend of music is what we think makes XRAY stand out from the crowd.


We hope you have enjoyed this article and discovered some fresh, new music and some exciting talk shows.

As they say at XRAY.FM Radio is yours and Internet Radio is the perfect background to a busy office or workplace and gives a free alternative to music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

If you enjoyed this article and are an aspiring writer, podcaster, programmer or just have something to say? Then why not say it through us.

We are always on the hunt for new and exciting articles and concepts.

This post was originally written and kindly shared by OddBeast Media, find them here: www.oddbeast.xyz

If you wish to write for Odd Beast please contact:

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