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New Gigarank Website Layout | Updates for 2017

16/01/2017 | |0 comment

If you have been a regular visitor to Gigarank, by now you would have noticed we have a new site-wide design. You can thank Mishar Designs for that, he has very kindly donated some of his time to design Gigarank a new design.

We think our new design looks fantastic, we hope you agree too. However if you find any design or styling issues, please report them in our community forums.

New for 2017, we have additional services rolling out soon, they are:

  • Free Monthly Domain Names (terms apply)
  • Free Website Templates
  • Advertising Opportunities

In the coming weeks, we will be offering free domain names to community members who help us grow on Social Media. Like and share our social pages across the Social Media Networks for a chance to bag a free domain name. Find out more: https://www.gigarank.net/domains.php

Also in the near future, we will be adding a new section to our website. We will be adding free website templates and CMS Themes will fresh designs added weekly.

Gigarank will also be accepting direct advertising enquiries to areas of our website that receive a fair amount of visitor traffic such as; ‘Free VPS’ page and forums. For more info, visit the advertising page: https://www.gigarank.net/advertise.php

The Gigarank team are looking forward to the year ahead and the exciting opportunities it will bring.


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