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Word Press Maintenance Mode Plugin with a Difference

25/11/2015 | |0 comment

I’m certain there are many other Word Press users who sometimes have their Web hosting, domain and Website space up and running before they are ready to host their...

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How desktop friendly is mobile friendly?

12/10/2015 | |0 comment

How desktop friendly is mobile friendly?  And what are mobile phones doing to the quality of forum discussions? Up to and just slightly after the point when more mobile...

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Effortless WordPress migration from one server to another

26/08/2015 | |0 comment

One of the greatest headaches for WordPress users is moving a Website from one server to another.  The WordPress backup/restore function is limited in that it only backs up...

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How to avoid a JAVA Drive-by

17/08/2015 | |0 comment

What is a Java Drive-by? “Download of spyware, a computer virus or any kind of malware that happens without knowledge of the user. Drive-by downloads may happen by visiting...

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How well supported are your WordPress Premium Plugins?

14/08/2015 | |0 comment

Most of us think that if we purchase a Premium Plugin from a reputable dealer like Themeforest that the theme will be better supported than the free themes we...

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How to speed up webpage loading times

04/08/2015 | |0 comment

I regularly get asked about website loading times and how to speed them up, I thought it would be nice to share some of my knowledge with you, i`m...

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A slow pageload solution

01/08/2015 | |0 comment

A couple of weeks ago we received a ticket from a relatively new hosted premium member.  He had severe problems with slow page loads. Good Day, I am having...

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Processing Power Since the 1950`s Infograph

26/05/2015 | |0 comment

We may (sadly) live in a world devoid of flying cars and personal teleportation devices, but that doesn’t mean technology isn’t moving forward at an incredible pace. We compared...

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One year as a moderator

11/05/2015 | |0 comment

Hi there Guys, Some of you might know me from the forum. I have noticed today that there has been a year since I held position as Moderator at Gigarank. I wanted...

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Results of our February Competition

02/03/2015 | |0 comment

No one reached the 200 post mark for our February competition but thanks to the generosity of the owner of Gigarank, the member who made the most posts for...

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