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SEO Tutorial for Mobile Devices & Smartphones

Responsive Design, Dynamic Content, or Mobile URLs?

mobile seoIf you’re designing the mobile experience from scratch, this question is the first place to start. If you already have a mobile experience set up, then you can just jump to the section that applies to your site. All three options work well for users and for Google, so use the best implementation based on your infrastructure, content, and audience.

Implementation URLs Content
Responsive design One URL for both desktop and mobile The page serves basically the same content to all users but detects the device and screen size and builds the layout accordingly. As the screen size gets smaller, the page may show fewer images, less text, or a simplified navigation.
Dynamic Serving One URL for both desktop and mobile The page serves different content to users of different devices.
Mobile URLs Different URLs for desktop and mobile The mobile and desktop experience might be completely different.
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10 Commandments of SEO – Infographic

I`ve found a fantastic infographic depicting Matt Cutt`s (Google) as Moses laying down the law with the 10 Commandments of SEO. For those who are unaware of who Matt Cutts is, he`s the head of Google`s webspam team. The infographic is in basic tell you what you should not be doing in relation to your SEO and online marketing.
10 Commandments of SEO
[ Source TechWyse Internet Marketing ]

Plain Text Version: The Ten Commandments of SEO

Thou Shalt Not:

  1. Have an Unnatural Link Profile

  • Don’t create spam on forums or blog too many blog comments. Don’t solely build exact match anchor text links or hack into sites to inject links.

  1. Cloak and Use Hidden Text

  • Cloaking refers to showing different content to the Google bot and your visitors. This can be easily uncovered when the Google bot doesn’t identify itself.

  • Putting SEO text in hidden divs or making it white on white for instance is easily detectable.

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