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How to get rid of that annoying Windows 10 pop-up Ad!

windows-10_screenshot_20150729122002_2_nfhPersonally I have nothing against Windows 10.  It seems to be working out quite well for some.  Others are complaining about privacy issues.  In my case I don’t need to upgrade from Windows 7 as it works very well for me.  I don’t need to upgrade to Windows 10.  Only serious objection I have is that I find it quite presumptuous of Microsoft for placing that little Windows 10 Icon in the bottom right task bar of my computer without my permission.  And worse, allow its ad to pop up when I log in, WITHOUT the option to turn it off.  There is a matter of principle involved here which to me is the equivalent of malware and spam.

For those who feel the same way as I do, here are the steps for removing the pop up from your task bar – the easy and non-registry non-intrusive way.

Note that the pop-up has been installed via Windows Update KB3035583. … Read the rest

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Relaunch of Gigarank VPS – only 25 posts needed!

linux-dollsOur owner, Chris (DJB) and Technical Admin (un4saken) have been busy beavers over the last few weeks, working on exciting new design ideas for the Gigarank Website and Forum, as well as brainstorming existing ones.

One of their projects is to blow some life into our Gigarank VPS project and for this purpose they have decreased the post to host requirement to 25 posts.  Registered Gigarank members who have made 25 quality posts can now apply for a new VPS.  In addition they only need to make 20 quality posts per month to maintain their hosting.

The RAM for the VPSs have also been increased to 512 MB.  Specs for the VPSs are now:

  • Choice of Linux operating system
  • 10GB HDD (Hard Drive Space)
  • 75GB Bandwidth (Monthly Transfer)
  • 512MB DDR3 Ram
  • 1 Dedicated IPv6 (or IPv4) Address
  • Virtualizer Control Panel
  • Full Root SSH Access

The VPSs are Linux based and self-managed, so those who post for a a VPS at Gigarank will need to have an understanding of how Linux works.… Read the rest

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Gateway to VPS from Windows

getin2-300x209So for those who finally got the Linux VPS of their dreams and do not know how to get in since they’re used to Windows, here is a summary of the steps to get into a VPS:

1. Choose your Operating Software (OS)
When you get your VPS you’ll be provided with a VPS Control Panel like Virtualizor together with a ROOT password that you need to keep handy.  First thing to do is to do a fresh install of your preferred OS.  For those who are uncertain which OS to use, CentOS 6.5 seems to work well with Apache Server for creating Websites.

2. SSH Client – PuTTEY
Best way to get into the VPS from a Windows environment is through an SSH Client that will connect your computer up with your VPS on a remote server.  For that you need to set yourself up with PuTTEY first and here’s a tutorial how to do it:
http://giga-vps.net/getting-in/Read the rest

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Fun with phpBB 2.0!

For those who use phpBB, most of everyone is in the process of saying goodbye to phpBB 3.0 and finding their way around phpBB 3.1. I’m having great fun with phpBB 2.0! It happened by accident. I’m a member of a Forum that is still using phpBB 2.0 and I wanted to see whether there were any tools available for making the phpBB 2.0 script mobile friendly. Problem with the antiquated Forum is that the owner of the Forum had loaded so many Mods during the heyday of phpBB 2.0 during 2005-2009 that it is almost impossible to upgrade it without creating days of hard work.


First challenge was to find a secure download for phpBB 2.0. As of course phpBB gave up supporting phpBB 2.0 ages ago, and none of the downloads, mods or styles are available at phpBB HQ any longer. When I Googled the phpBB 2.0 script, I first arrived at SourceForge, and the moment I tried to download 2.0, I was reminded by Malwarebytes of the malware the download may contain.… Read the rest

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Un4saken – Tech Admin Genius


Gigarank’s Technical Administrator, Un4saken, has been on board free and paid hosting Websites since early 2000’s and is a specialist in Linux servers.  He says that most of his learning came with making huge blunders while under the influence and then struggling his way out of those at a great learning curve.  Seriously though, this dude has one of the quickest brains I’ve come across.  I recall once when we started to work on his first myBB Forum, how he had mastered myBB in about 5 minutes flat, and was well ahead of me, with my two years experience, by the end of the day.  The very next day he was coding plugins to make improvements to myBB.  And is still working on that.  He has a remarkable capacity for grasping technical coding details in seconds.

Un4saken is a magician with servers.  Probably mostly because he looks at those servers in the simplest of ways. … Read the rest

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A great WordPress Duplicator alternative!

In August I wrote a blog post about the Duplicator Plugin with which I had been so impressed with.

I still am, however my admiration went down a few notches at end of December when after an upgrade of Gigarank’s php version the Duplicator failed to create backups. Problem is that the process of duplication requires more memory and execution time than what the new php version allowed for. This is what the new php 5.6.17 allows:

WP Clone Dashboard 4

I repeatedly tried to switch to an older version of php in the Gigarank cPanel as one has the option to switch to earlier versions of php. But no can do. It still presented problems. So much so that I was unable to use the Duplicator Plugin any longer.

It was very important for me to find a similar plugin that could work with my Gigarank cPanel.  I work with a number of Servers and I love the ease and mobility of duplicating a WordPress site and moving it to a new Server without having to reinstall WordPress from scratch again. … Read the rest

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Word Press Maintenance Mode Plugin with a Difference

I’m certain there are many other Word Press users who sometimes have their Web hosting, domain and Website space up and running before they are ready to host their Website.  Or they may have decided to completely change the content of their Website.

The Maintenance Mode Plugin from Acurax is a great plugin for capturing visitors email addresses who may have an interest in the Website.  What I love about it is that it is minimalist, has some attractive designs, and there is a count down feature to it that makes the construction page alive and attractive to visitors.  It almost has a landing page feel to it.  Best of all is that visitors provide their information voluntarily.  Here are two screenshots of designs that are available through the plugin.

The plugin works through a panel in the Word Press Dashboard.  I’ve tried the plugin and the on/off switch for the maintenance mode works perfectly every time.… Read the rest

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How desktop friendly is mobile friendly?

How desktop friendly is mobile friendly?  And what are mobile phones doing to the quality of forum discussions?

smartphone crazeUp to and just slightly after the point when more mobile phone users than desktop users were browsing the Internet, Websites were designed with desktop computers in mind – mobile phones came after the fact.  So if there were any flaws, the flaws would be apparent in the mobile phones – referring to the mobile phones as being mobile-unfriendly design.  But I think the pendulum is starting to swing into the opposite direction.  I sometimes find it painful to open  a Website in my desktop computer that has obviously been designed with a phone in mind.  The page seems to be stretched out of proportion and those HUGE photos and images are an eye sore. Then scrolling down a page, all of a sudden it splashes to the right into horizontal navigation instead of vertical navigation.… Read the rest

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Free Domains from Gigarank

We are running a competition in September for our community members. Every member that posts over 100 forum posts in the month of September will win a free domain.

Image Credits: tangledmemories


For more information and terms please visit the competition thread: http://www.gigarank.net/forum/thread-4273.htmlRead the rest