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When it comes to pictures/images

27/10/2014 | |0 comment

Royalty Free Images are the number 1 when it comes to chosing right pictures for any kind of project, any free picture will accomplish your desires and make your project look better. We need to choose right pictures from range, we might like all of them, but we have to pick what we need.

It depends on the project, but as far as I know the most of us would use paid graphics with water marks as an example or thumbnail, but why we don’t use the free images? We should get into this habit for using free images, because: 1. We are promoting the author, 2. We are using free resources and 3. We are not spending any money. However royalty free images are very useful when it comes to  very easy projects and advanced projects such as online shops. When it comes to pictures/images, you might ask yourself, where from do I get them? Google will do everything. Personally I think that royalty free images are on google, but good pictures are hard to find, experienced web designers/programmers will always struggle to get pictures for the web template/design, even harder it will be for the new comers, people who recently started designing and don’t have clue where to start, so here I come with an epic example and kind of database of royalty free images. On the pricture below you can see one website that provides free hd images.  (Sorry for low quality picture/screen. This will improve with more posts).

AllTheFreeStock.com – //  I am sorry for the Tabs in the background.

Big credits and thanks to Saijo George from Enovato for gathering for us different websites with free stock images. The website is: http://allthefreestock.com/. This website provides a range of different pictures and videos, that you might be interested in downloading and using for your daily projects. When I found this website, it became a number 1 of the websites to get free images from, I’m a web and graphic designer, and I need to get images for every project, so this website AlltheFreeStock.com will be used by me on daily basis and I hope that you will use it to for your future project.

As I have said at the beginning, for my daily basis of the internet usage I visit different web designer blogs, where I can find interesting websites, plugins, scripts, fonts and other things that will be helpful for making my projects. I have found this website on a webdesignerdepot.com. I have pulled this from the series of Whats new for designers/Trends for designers in x year. Very helpful and all credits for the authors who do all the research to give us these sweet things. I have written this post as continue from previous post by other author, to link development with getting resources of videos and pictures/images.

Hope you have enjoyed reading my article, I hope it was clear to read and give thumbs up and leave opinions in comments. See you soon.





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