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WP Spacer Plugin to the rescue!

15/03/2018 | |0 comment

Almost all of my WordPress themes are great with spacing, all I need to do is just hit return twice and I have 12px in between the paragraphs.  With today’s theme however I hit a challenge with a bulleted list – the paragraph after the bulleted list wouldn’t accept the returns as additional spacing.  Once published, there would be no spacing at all.  I tried everything including manual coding in text mode but none of it worked as it should.

I then took myself on a Google inquiry and soon discovered I wasn’t alone with struggling with the problem.  Next I got very lucky when at the bottom of a forum discussion I found a recommendation for a plugin called Spacer.  I can really recommend the Spacer Plugin as it is a very simple no-frills plugin that only creates spaces in between paragraphs and nothing more. There are many WordPress Plugins that are popularly used for text editors but they always feel heavy going and intrusive.  This one just does the spacing exactly the way I prefer. It works with a spacer button in the WYSIWYG visual editor which allows you to add precise custom spacing between lines in your posts and pages.  The plugin comes with its own Dashboard under the WP Settings.

Here is a link to the plugin: