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Chitter Chatter
Chat about anything you like, share you thoughts. Waste some time chatting random sh*t. Moderate swearing allowed.
No trolling or flaming
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Hello stranger, stop being a stranger and tell the Gigarank Community a little about yourself. Gigarank members, welcome the newbies.
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Completely nonsense forum games and chain posts. Comment on the longest spam post in the World. Word association games and pure SPAM.
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Talk about what is happening around the world. Breaking news, politics and current affairs. Share your thoughts and debate with people of all Nations and Cultures. (Keep it polite and friendly)
We all love music, chat about your favourite bands, artists and musicians. If you play a musical instrument share your moments and tips. Which bands to you not like? Tell us why!!
Recently seen a movie that you thought was amazing or terrible, share you thoughts. Did you see a video clip on Youtube you most simply share? What about a box-set you love, discuss, chat and share your memorable movies and TV shows.
Fans of video games across all platforms; Playstation, XBOX, Nintendo, Sega, Retro and Steam. Chat about your favourite games and gaming memories.
Are you a fan of sports? Share with the community your favourite sports. What physical activities do you participate in?