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8GB RAM not enough anymore?

I'm still using Windows 7. I'm not the type rush at new technology. I only moved to Windows 7 when they stopped support for Windows XP. I used Windows XP for more than 12 years. So I really don't want to jump to Windows 10 yet. So I think I will go for another 8GB RAM. Here even a used DDR3 8GB RAM cost about 50 usd. I have to check if I can get 2, 4GB RAMs for cheaper. Machine has 4 RAM slots. I'm about 5 generations behind when it comes to latest Computer technology. The processor is an i5 4th Gen one.

Now what I do need is go for SSD drive for OS. I hope this might speed up things a bit.
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Depends on what you are doing.

If you are using Linux. You might not need a ton of ram.

If you are using a specialist distro like PuppyLinux, you wouldn’t need much ram at all.

If you are making movies and intense 3D art, you may need more ram.

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