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[Android] Hide unwanted music from music player

Sometimes it's very disturbing when suddenly a WhatsApp audio or any other random app notification or ringtone plays while you are relaxing with music left playing in your phone.

What if you still need those random files and you don't want those files to appear in your music player?

Step 1
Organize your music files
Move all your music to a single folder(Not mandatory, but still helpful)
You can make sub folders also for categories.

Find folders with unwanted music files
For eg: WhatsApp audios are stored in
Quote:Internal storage > WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Audio

Step 3
In that folder create an empty file named

You can use ES File explorer or any other file explorer which supports creating files

Thanks for sharing the info. A .nomedia file should prevent any media scan from finding the files, whether it is looking for pictures, movies, or audio. A poster at claims Google established the convention to protect app-specific media files from being erroneously found in scans.
Quote:And here's the reason behind the .nomedia files:
It was Google Play's compliance policy (not sure if still is) that no internal app files should be unintentionally recognized by any of the media players/galleries. Hence the file, cheers.
insert .nomedia named file in the folder in which the music files are stored in

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