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Best TV Show?

Defiantly Game of thrones! What a thrilling series!
I really like
The Walking Dead series is simply amazing
Waiting impatiently for season 8
Rick and Morty, Steven Universe, Star Wars The Clone Wars, Alanta, Breaking Bad, The Wire, etc.
Game of Thrones , The Avengers , The Arrow , Vikings and more similar like that!!!!BiggrinBiggrin
My current best TV show is Silicon Valley.  I saw, by accident, the last two episodes on cable while in a hospital.  Prior to that I had no idea about the series, but I immediately got hooked.  Season three is about the new internet the lead character Richard Hendricks is developing.  That got me interested in blockchain and decentralized internet technology like Interplanetary File System and Blockstack.
Breaking Bad of course! And its prequel: Better Call Saul, can't wait for the next season!
If you are into comedy The Big Bang Theory, or any of Chuck Lorre's creations (Young Sheldon, Mom, Two and Half Men...), but obviously Britain rocks here, nothing beats Fawlty Towers and the like.
Love the 80s? Go with The Americans or Deutschland 1983
If you are into crime, Dexter and The Shield are really good.
Are you a geek? You can't go wrong with Black Mirror or Mr Robot
Politics? House of Card, Veep, The Thick of It, funny as hell!
Talking about hell, Lucifer and also The Good Place are not bad.
The Wire,
Silicon Valley,
13 Reasons Why,
The Walking Dead,
White Gold,
24 hours,
The Blacklist,
I don't think one can choose the "best TV show" it changes over time. A show that is new and difference and evolving is always the "best" until something better comes along. I have gone back to old favorites and wondered what I liked about it. If pushed "The Young Ones" but now-a-days with the production quality the old shows are hard to watch. Current shows "Big Bang Theory"
(11-23-2018, 03:49 AM)buzzawak Wrote: I don't think one can choose the "best TV show" it changes over time.
That is true. I still like Law&Order, but not only has it become a little redundant and mass produced, but I think my tastes have changed as well. I've noticed some new Brit equivalent shows coming up like C.B. Strike and Dark Heart.
Games of thrones 4ever <3 ^^
The walking dead, Top Gear (Now the Grand Tour), Tom and Jerry and Battle Star Galactica are by far my favourites. :)

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