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Counter-strike: Global Offensive

Does anyone play CS: GO on steam? It's just an all around fun game if you never heard of it which im sure you have. If you have it and ever want to play on it hmu. That's probly my favorite steam pc game. It's just fun all the time mostly especially competetive.

Do you have any experience with it?  Smile
"I like people that enjoy life, 'cause I do the same."
I play, my rank is Silver 4
Played it before, never touched it again. Unranked is pure cancer.
Good game! Something new form old school)
Yeah i play, my rank is Kala 2 Biggrin
i play it, but, it's neet high VGA card, my VGA card didnt even have 60FPS even i set the setting in low condition, to much lagging, so i unistalled and back to old CS. Biggrin
Player for a whole year, But after reaching Supreme rank u will play only with cheaters, On global rank games u can see only spinbotters and aimbots. Valve should take care of that but yeah.
The best Shooter game, i'm Nova gold 1. If someone is interested in playing send a message and we added in Steam Biggrin
Very good game! with alsome news weapons, and maps  ! I play at school
You shouldn`t play at school.

I tend to play it in the sping for 30-40 competitive wins then uninstall it till the next year. I used to be Master Guardian Elite, but after the new updates they removed my rank. At the moment I arrived at Silver Elite Master. It is true that without Prime matchmaking which you get at level 21 the game is insane. You get to play with 3 bots in team most time while the other team is full.
behind the toxic players and cheaters and reg-bullets it's a good game for play with friends.
I love CS i am silver 4 and it's a really fun game. Skins are addicting.
I love cs but I ain't played it in like ... 2 years
I play it myself, but i get mad because Russians destroy my rank. My team is not very good, everytime. I hope that will get fixed by Valve ASAP. Sad
It's a good game, only s4 but still enjoy it. Have more than 900 hours right now.
Been playing CS:GO for 3 years for now and it still fun.
I'm a very competitive player and Im currently ranked at LEM. The problem of CSGO is that they dont listen to the community feedbacks and the updates are just awful.
Its a good game but, has a lot of work that has to be done.
Yes, i play it, you can search me for "Ultraheroe" i can carry you for some dollars.
i am decent at it to be completely honest lol but don't play anymore :P
i did not play a lot of CSGO but when i played it was really fun . I like this game
I don't really play CS:GO that much anymore and the main reason is that I enjoy the most playing with friends and I don't find it that fun playing by myself maybe because of the community or it's just me but since I don't really play it competitive I just wait for when my friends are online to play the game.
I haven't tried it yet but I have been thinking about buying it. I see streamers playing it all the time and it seems like a very fun game to play.
Yes ı play CS:GO, my rank is Silver Elite Master
Yeah, i m playing this game. Rank - Supreme, also playing with stream on Twitch, its not to hard guys to rank up in this game, there need only some reaction and mind. I dont see a lot of aim`s on this rank. Just get prime, thats all you need dude.
I used to play 1.6 and zero quite a bit. I was and still kinda am, good at those. However, once it hit full on source engine it felt like everything I learned went against me.

CS GO, is a really good game. It's just all I know and bad habits of exploits seriously screwed me over.

I am determined to get better. PM me your gamer info for steam and I'll add you.


i used to play it a ton i once got to silver elite master then quit for a while and started cheating, the game is really dead now
Been a cs player since HL days. IMO if you ever get skilled or dont want to waste your time with hackers, best to play on ESL not steam.

Still love the game, have actually recently given up on almost 10 years of Dota and focused on cs:go play again
I Played Counter Strike Since It Was Called CS:S (Counter Strike: Source). Then moved to CS:GO & Played My Best Games There But As The Time Passed I Went Short Of Time & Had To Say Bye To CS:GO
I play CS:GO since Novemeber 2013 and it's one of the best Counter Strike's made. I played nearly 10 years CS:S and it was hard to get into the new CS but its worth. Pretty good game :)

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