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Do someone use another messenger than WhatsApp?

Many "hardcore" users seem to prefer Telegram for its features, but to me they always looked like overkill to be honest.
I've always used Whatsapp and never felt the need for more features that are already provided in the app.
I'm use Telegram, don't like Whats App
DSomeone uses Viber? I never used but my friends talking well about it
I prefer Telegram but everybody use Whatsapp and i can't talk with them in Telegram.
Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp & Viber,
These are the best here.
I ues WhatsApp, skype and Discord because it's very cool for gaming !
I do not use what's app much but I use facebook messenger a lot. Also I use Viber, Skype, Google Hangouts, Snapchat, Textme. But for end-to-end encryption I recommend using what's app for user user's privacy.
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I really like anti-chat.  It's a live messaging app that lets you talk to people around the world.  I've met a lot of people from india, Mexico, England, and the USA.  It's really fun.
Telegram offers a great opportunity to developers by allowing them to write bots for their messaging service. Some time ago I tried to make my own bot for WhatsApp in order to receive messages from my server (as a faster alternative to e-mails...) but that became just so frustrating that I gave up that project.
WhatsApp has nearly replaced the traditional SMS/MMS in these days. Actually anybody I know has WhatsApp and despite it might not be the most secure/private way of communication most people decide in favor of a simple/easy/free communication service rather than paying money and have slightly better privacy.
Just remember: It's mandatory for every telecommunication provider to save the calls/messages of the last 6 months.
If you want the whole thing to be on your server, Mattermost will be interested.

I've implemented it recently in our company, it works great.
Very easy installation and no need for server resources.
telegram support bots, ence we can do communication over API, thats a good thing i also use its alternative PLUS messenger in which we can manage bunch of channel groups and bots easily than telegram X and official app, its just my suggestion
I use WhatsApp for messaging, but i use telegram along with WhatsApp only for downloading movies as telegram supports sharing large size files and there are lots of groups sharing movies.
Yes, telegram it's best messenger for bots.
(07-07-2018, 01:35 PM)frozyeah Wrote: Yes, telegram it's best messenger for bots.
For a quality post credit please tell us why you think it is a best messenger for bots - why are they better than the other messengers?

Please note that short meaningless posts with no discussion in them aren't considered quality posts and if too many are made in quick succession will be seen as spam and lead to a ban of the forum account. A large number of your posts have been removed from the Forum as they don't make a contribution to the threads they have been posted to.
Facebook Messenger, is yet another one of the best messenger i  am using it currently other than whatsapp
I Use Whatsapp, Telegram, Line, Messenger.. Telegram my favourite, because you can send Big File and Send Image/Videos without compress..
    i use Telegram because it provides Bots and cloud hosting of our messages which is portable. and Discord where we can create chat rooms and servers .
iMessenger works.
I have also used Signal. It works on both Andriod and iOS.
I personally use Discord and Telegram besides WhatsApp. Especially the VOIP options they provide are much better than WhatsApp's.
i use line, telegram and skype. These all are free, and also has a computer and web version not only the mobile version
I use Whatsapp as primary messenger but I preferred the Telegram but I facing sometimes there is delay when receiving messages

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