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Do you drink or smoke?

Neither ! and I am still high learning and programming !
I have not had a drink since I was in the navy, I do smoke menthol. cigars
When I'm out with friends, I'll have a drink or two... or maybe three.. or.. well Drinks (go tos: Bud Light, Vodka & coke, Espresso Martini)
But I'm definitely not a smoker. Never seen the point of it.
I used to smoke four packs of smokes a day. My wife couldn't take it anymore. Even I have to admit it was bad.

Now I vape, not that it's much better. I started on 18 MG now I'm on 6 MG.
I drink alcohol, here in our country I usually drink Heineken. But I prefer cocktails like Margarita, Rhum Coke, Amaretto, Martini. I also smoke regularly.
I drink and smoke daily.

Current beer of choice: 211 Steel Reserve. It's 8.1% and a six pack of pint cans is only $6.00

I'm working to change from smoking to vaping though.
No to smoking, occasional drinker
Currently no Smoking or Drinking on my part.. But I think I may have gone to other bad habit - eating.. Currently eating a lot and gaining weight..
Both The Things Are Harmful For Health So I love To Stay Away from Both ?
No smoking is bad :)
occasional drinking is good. smoking not.
hmm smoke once but not now i love my lungs
I dont smoke and dont drink beacause I think it is very bad for your healt.
Better think about that
Lol, what this question? but no  Drinks
I drink Miller Lite and smole Marlboro Light Menthol Kings.
I didn't drink ever but I'd like to do it soon. I smoke cigarettes often.
Smoking air and drinking tape water count as hardcore lifestyle as well? or am I out. lol

Just casually drinking to help cheer up life a bit more. Drinks
Always help to be inspired and also is a better social moment/network than facebook or others... It gives you a smile and don't promote stress or depression like social media do.
I don’t smoke or drink.

Roasted and salted Pecans are hard enough to stop eating, once I start. Same with freshly baked cookies.
I don’t think that I’d be a good candidate for actual addicive stuff.
I don't do either of them. I'd rather not die of lung cancer.

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