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Enabling SELinux?

I have just received my VPS and I checked, but it doesn't seemed to have SELinux enabled.

For security reasons I'd like to enable it, but I've looked for the config file and it's not it the place it's supposed to be (/etc/selinux/config). Is SELinux blocked for the free VPS or would I need to provide my own .iso with an OS which has SELinux correctly installed and enabled?

Thanks in advance! :)
I don't think it is blocked - it's probably not installed. I personally have never used it, but perhaps you could see whether you can install and enable it on your CentOS:
I've checked, but if I check selinux status it says disabled (which I'm assuming means it's  it's installed), but the config file used to enable SELinux is missing, while there are other config files there. I'll just leave it without SELinux for now :)
Good idea @MotherOfDragons Let's wait until @un4sakencan comment on this. He is our genius and magical tech Admin Tongue

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Enabling SELinux?374