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Fortnite or PUBG?

as most of you by now have heard of Fortnite or Battle Royale Games, it's insanely popular right now. I was wondering which of PUBG (Player's Unknown Battle Grounds) or Fortnite is your favorite?

PUBG is more realistic, however it's so much harder to aim. It's cool because you can drive cars and the graphics are nice, however it's not entirely smooth. It's Larger. First and Third Person.

Fortnite is more cartoon look, No Cars, however it is smoother and easier to aim and play. Only 3rd person.

I like both, but if i had to pick I guess Fortnite until PUBG is more smoother. Either way both great games just wondering your opinions.  Smile
"Hate is only a form love that hasn't found a way to express itself logically."
I kinda agree with you about fortnite because yeah PUBG still needs some updates because its still in alpha ( Not today actually its already beta ) 
but like if we are comparing it today PUBG still is better than Fortnite, In terms of being realistic in some way, but I guess people will choose Fortnite because its free to play and its "kinda" similar to PUBG and its unique because of the Minecraft style feature. so yeah In the end Everything still good to play.. Unless your PC cant handle PUBG then go to fortnite instead  Tongue
I just go into fortnite. I would say it is a better game. I have over 250+ hours in pubg and the game is just old in my opinion. Fortnite I have yet to get bored of it. I also like it since all my friends play it also.
Fortnite= Something more fictional.
PUBG= Realistic war with cool graphics.

So, I prefer Fortnite! Cause Realistic games are boring!
I do agree that PUBG is a lot more realistic than fortnite, but the big difference between them two is that fortnite is a lot arcade based. Which would be suitable to 12 year Olds as it doesn't contain blood, like PUBG does. Personally, I like fortnite better
PUBG, but I don't enjoy PUBG anymore its only fun at the 70 first hours.
i play fortnite but thats only because xbox cant run pubg well and i cant afford a pc to play it either
Both are terribly lazy and rely one a one two word marketing term that games already had.

I think that it'll last a bit longer though before it crashes.
The whole concept of the games has been around for ages, imo fortnite is complete garbage. PUBG still has a long way to go, but unfortunately the devs hearts are in a different place - they have lost concern for their client base. Their upgrades/changes/fixes for 2017 was almost non existent. They wasting time and resources on fighting with fornite.

Escape from Tarkov :)
Pub, But the Chinese ruined the game to be quite honest their aimbots are quite amazing
Fortnite because its free2play.  Epic Games is a good company I spent money on their other game Paragon that they shut down.  But instead of keeping the money they decided to give costumers (me) a chance for a refund.  Which I happily took but converted into fortnite currency.  It's a win-win situation for me. Clapping

Its multi-platform, I've played with people on my computer while they're on their console.  They even release a mobile/phone version as well.

I like how you can build stuff it adds intensity to the game play.  My favorite type of game play is the 4 squad team.  I like being in group and building stuff.  They have once in a blue moon event of 50 vs 50 which is super fun.
Honestly, I've tried both.

Fortnite is fun and good for younger ages, but PUBG is where skill and teamwork is needed (and a good headset wouldn't go amiss)

I prefer the tactical style of PUBG over fortnite, but if you want to have fun with friends, fortnite for sure.
I Like PUBG Over Fortnite. I Played Them Both But Being Battlefield Player, PUBG Was Easy For Me & I Loved It
I prefer PUBG.  
Fortnite Battle Royale is more cartoon-like, it’s a bit simpler. That’s good for many players, who don’t want to dive into powerful competitions and very tense shooting rounds. Still it is not too easy, so you may like it.
PUBG is more realistic, however it's so much harder to aim. And you got First and Third Person.

Fortnite is more cartoon look, with four wheeler and golf carts and planes , however it is smoother and easier to aim and play. Only 3rd person.

I like both, but if i had to pick it would be Fortnite. Either way both great games just wondering your opinions

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