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How much would you pay for a VPS if you could?

Here at Gigarank the staff have been in discussion for many weeks now, the main subject has been whether we should start offering a paid VPS package.

We get many enquiries via email and our contact form as to if we provide affordable VPS packages. At present we do not provide any paid VPS packages.

We started offering free a small free VPS package back in January 2015 to bolster our free hosting services, because we are nice like that and to give our technical admin and support staff some experience in Linux VPS containers.

Gigarank are thinking of starting to provide a paid unmanaged VPS service.

The question is, what VPS specs would you pay for and how much is fair to ask monthly for that service?
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5 dollars would be enough for me for a semi-decent unmanaged vps server as managed ones could go to like 10 dollar which is fair. You pay less, you manage yourself, you pay more, and pay for someone to help you.
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I'd suggest you check for an idea of what low cost specs are like:

This looks like a good offer for me from how it is priced - if monthly rate - then maybe 5 US$:
– 512MB RAM
– 1x vCPU
– 20GB SSD Cached HDD space
– 500GB Transfer
– 1Gbps Uplink
– 1x IPv4
– /64 IPv6
– OpenVZ/SolusVM
– $15/semi-annual
– $25/year

Next step up and one I'l like is for 1GB RAM - maybe 7/8 US$ per month:VPS-SSD-1024
Quote:2 Cores
1024MB RAM
35GB space RAID-10 PURE SSD
2TB Bandwidth
1Gbit Uplink
1x IPv4
DDoS Protection provided by SingleHop Shield Plus

Then a luxury one perhaps that can be negotiated.
Although I am not a fan of VPS as most have limited ram and storage. I have seen them as low as $1.99 euro dollars a month and go up from there for 512 ram. That was a year or so back, It seems everyone is starting to jump on the bandwagon of VPS hosting. The prices are going up, at least here in Canada. But I think thats because everyone is starting to install the SSD on their servers. Here is some prices here in Canada to give you a general idea. . They have their own custom control panel to manage the VPS. And use IPv4 IP's.

OpenStack KVM
1 vCore
2.4 GHz
Local RAID 10

$4.49 /month


OpenStack KVM
1 vCore
2.4 GHz
Local RAID 10

$8.99 /month
If there is a demand for it then go for it. Some people would rather pay than make 100 posts and 50 posts which can be quite hard to do for someone who is busy. $5 for a VPS is a good price since it is affordable and a fair price for the amount of resources given and the $8 is even better because you are getting double the resources but for a cheaper price.

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Is it TOS-Free ?
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It's very hard to compete with the VPS pricing these days, with VPS servers going for prices under $12/year for a container with a dedicated IPv4 address. I understand it may not be viable, but if you could prove yourselves by providing transparency on VPS servers, like a custom page available to virtual server clients that shows them the top 5 resource users.
Maybe 5-8 euros max. Because I personally dont have much money for my own even, not for VPS, hope it will change by incoming years. :)
Probably $5 at least, $10 for a decent quality one
i'd pay 35$ monthly
I ran a VPS on vpscheap for a long time. has a good range of hardware for their VPS systems. Not sure what Gigarank has for their backbone for hardware.

for basic VPS $5 a month / Linux
50 gig HDD
2 core CPU
100 meg unmetered connection
5 Terabytes monthly transfer

for standard VPS $7.50 a month / Linux
100 gig HDD
4 core CPU
1 Gig unmetered connection
unlimited monthly transfer
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I would pay 5$/month and i'd be happy to be able to pay with Bitcoin.
Hm...7 dollars would be awesome for a decent vps server.And yeah,as the specs become better the price grows.
i would pay 5 dollars maximum for a small build
i think that paying 5 euro/month is enough.
but more powerfull you need in your vps, more you should pay for
5USD for a basic VPS that can server a small site with 2-3k visitors daily without any problem
i can pay 8 to 10 USD per month if specs are as advertised also they payment should be through VISA debit cards because in my country i don't have paypal etc
Now these days prices are very low, and they will always be getting even lower. So IF and ONLY IF i could pay i would go for a maximum 3$ per month for a free VPS.
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I would pay 5-10 dollars for a VPS. Sadly I can't. Sad
I would pay not more than 10 $ per month.

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