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If you had to change your name, what would your new name be?

My Birth Name is Sagor which means Sea but if mispronounced ( All of my friends does it all the time ) it becomes "Sagol" what means "Goat " & it becomes irritating. So i would chose "Abdullah".
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Hi Guys this is my very first post on here so please have patience with me...

My birth name is Andrew or Andy which means Strong or strong willed. having a name at the start of the alphabet can

help in some cases, like when names are called out in alphabetical order etc...

But when you follow that name with Murray, ie Andy Murray then it can sometimes get a bit embarrassing, my typical

answer to "are you the miserable Scottish tennis player?"... is, No im just as handsome but not as rich  Yahoo

so in answer to the question , what would i change my name to? well there are lots actually

one being Dash riprock - A stuntman on an old film i once saw

beef jerky - it just rolls off the tongue

pine stigwood - a name from a book i read

and my fave one is... cool mohdee

prizes will be given to the person who knows where its from ok

well thats enough rattling on for now

have fun working it out

if you wanna follow me hit me up and lets conect

till then ill catch you all very soon

stay awesome my friends

Andy  Smile
Well I would change it to something cool like Destroyer or smth
I would prefer to put a first or a second name on my one and only given name. hahahaa
I would love to Choose Some Thing Different Name, Like Darksoul Or Buster
I'm quite happy with my current name but if I was forced to change I would probably go for "Petter" just because it's similar. It's not my favourite name by any means, and it's much easier to make fun of since it rhymes with "getter" which is the Swedish word for "goats", but I'm too old to care about such things.
I changed my name 3 times throughout my life. Well, not my actual name but it's just my nicknames. My first nickname was 'Adit' , then 'Dzikri', and now it's 'Awan'.

It's basically taken from my full name which is Dzikri Aditya Darmawan, but i changed the nickname through time because i feel like i need to. It's just like... i need to remove some memories from the past, you know? ;)
-Dzikri Aditya Darmawan-
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If you had to change your name, what would your new name be?337