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Software to Monitor Internet Usage at Home Computer

I posted this in another forum but didn't get much response so I thought to try my luck here. I didn't use the word Bandwidth because sometime people misunderstand the whole thing and start talking about hosting, servers and Linux. What I'm looking for is none of that.

I have Windows 7 Desktop computer at home. This directly connected to a broadband router. Computer is connected to router through network cable and only other device use same connection is my phone through Wi-Fi. Now I want to find incoming and out going data specially for site wise if possible. I want to see which sites take most of the bandwidth and also if anything else leaking it.

A free software or a trial version which I can run about a month.

01. Solarwinds Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor
02. PRTG
03. Networx
04. Bitmeter II
05. ManageEngine OpUtils
06. Spiceworks

Anyone has experience with these tools ? or know a better tool for the job ?
Software and cathedrals are much the same – first we build them, then we pray
(02-13-2019, 11:05 AM)alexlamasg Wrote: 01. Solarwinds Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor
02. PRTG

Buddy these are not quality posts. I noticed all your posts are like this. I highly doubt they will approve your server request if you make 25 of this kind of posts. I would say take your time and make better and longer posts. Here, you just copied and pasted 2 software  from my post. And you have submitted an application before you have even 25 posts.
Software and cathedrals are much the same – first we build them, then we pray
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I was going to say that your computer should be plugged into your NAT enabled firewall router for protection.
Also, many router vendors include software to monitor/track/protect users (typically kids) from websites. I have seen that in the past, Apple Airport Express and Extreme, TimeCapsule, MAC Server had the ability to monitor and check websites.

Also, sometimes, child/managed user settings within the OS can help too.

I saw that you asked about bandwidth generated from visiting websites. I supposed a manual method would be to Save each Website and then check the size of the saved files and folders. Then, you might have a rough idea of how much bandwidth was used to show you the site isn’t he first place.
A member from another forum recommend me this software called NetBalancer. Right now I'm testing that. I don't think it let me bandwidth usage per site but it shows usage per process So Firefox and Chrome take most it. It shows me hourly Bandwidth usage and alive. So Im testing site by site. I noticed Facebook takes about 100MB per 30 minutes. Thats without me doing anything on it. Just having it opened on Chrome. Also there is a Browser game I play takes bandwidth.
Software and cathedrals are much the same – first we build them, then we pray
I don’t think you wanted to know this answer or if this answer will help.

If you are worried about going over your Internet Service Provider’s Bandwidth Quota, then you could do the following. It’s probably overkill.

Buy a Cisco Enterprise Switch.
Configure a port to throttle to a minimum speed.
Then, you couldn’t go over.

A buddy of mine did that for his XBox that was consuming tons of bandwidth for game updates.
Cisco router would be an over kill indeed. Those routers are not cheap either even used ones. This software can do this too or I was told. I just have to figure how to do it. I wonder if it's normal or something wrong on mine that Facebook taking so much bandwidth. I mean 100MB for 30 minutes is crazy. I only have 35GB Day time Bandwidth so it's a problem for me. Also I need to see how much my phone uses since  I let WI-FI run when Im at home.
Software and cathedrals are much the same – first we build them, then we pray
I don't know if this software is something that would help you with what you are looking for but have you tried Glasswire. It is free and has paid for options. I have it on my PC and it gives you a list of apps that talk to servers and how much bandwidth they use. It does also pick up other devices that are connected to your network as it has picked up my printer and one of my games consoles.

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