Poll: What do you think about a forum in Spanish?
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What do you think about a forum in Spanish?

What do you think about a forum in Spanish?
me imagino que tambien existen mienbros de latino america!
It's a nice idea but we'd need to moderate it somehow, and as far as I know none of our moderation staff are currently proficient enough in Spanish to do so.
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Agreed with @Yozora - how can we moderate Spanish when we're English? Spanish Forum is a great idea, why don't you try it for your country? Or join a Spanish Forum that already exists? Language is so important in the shared hosting business because you need to not only translate the words, but you need to know what the translated words mean. The same English words may mean different things in different sentences. If you don't understand English well, then you cannot understand the terms and conditions of the hosting service. And that may create a big problem eventually where your account gets blocked or banned.

Either Spanish speakers should try much harder to learn English properly when they join an English Forum so they understand what all of the topics discussions mean, or they should join a Forum of their own language.
Bien, bien! Actually inn Spanish would be great for my girlfriend, Maria. She's Spanish and comes from Prado Del Rey in Cadiz, Andalucia. I'm still trying to learn but it's harder with an old head.
Unfortunately for reasons stated before this is not possible to implement.

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