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Which system is best for a host of 512ram Linux Mint Debian or Ubuntu?

Which system is best for a host of 512ram Linux Mint Debian or Ubuntu?
I would have to lean towards Mint here. Ubuntu with the latest UI ain't exactly resource friendly.
Ubuntu have the best performance, it's important that you don't install junk software's
debian or centos with no desktop
(04-05-2017, 05:50 PM)ferreira Wrote: debian or centos with no desktop

 To earn a Quality Post credit, could you tell us why you prefer those?
(04-05-2017, 07:21 PM)Yozora Wrote:
(04-05-2017, 05:50 PM)ferreira Wrote: debian or centos with no desktop

 To earn a Quality Post credit, could you tell us why you prefer those?

I can write all about security, stability or pre-configuration. But you can find any where.
But I just going to write about the requirements, both have low requirements and easy to configure.
If you want to complicate, use slackware.
For the first time, we recommend starting from Ubuntu.
  - long support (LTS)
  - Being compatible with local language
  - Easy to switch from desktop to server
  - Simple GUI
Ubuntu only one, he need smaller performance
debian or centos with no desktop
I like Ubuntu Minimal
If you are talking about a "host" I assume what you mean is a server. Because you are mentioning 512mb RAM, and often most companies begin VPS offering at 1GB (though there are many LE hosts out there), I assume you are asking in advance to plan for your VPS here?

Either way, if it is a server then choice of gui doesn't play into it. My understanding is that debian and ubuntu have a slightly better memory footprint. If you are going with GigaRank they have 32bit images available, I suggest to use one of those as they all will use lighter memory than the 64bit equivalent. 

If you are comfortable working with command line interfaces then you really don't need the desktop and I would advise against it unless your use case requires it, as you're just creating more possible ways for someone to attack your server.
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If we are talking based on resource usage Debian is the best, Ubuntu due ti its Graphical user interface
takes large amounts of resourcesConfused
servers:  centos
desktop: ubuntu
(03-03-2017, 02:36 PM)victorpk1999 Wrote: Which system is best for a host of 512ram Linux Mint Debian or Ubuntu?

Any Linux using a desktop is going to be resource hungry, and here lies the power of Linux, you can install the bare minimum to make your server as specific to your needs as you want and need. Lots of reasons for doing this and a great way to learn.

If you're running a web server, why would you need a desktop? Or any other server for that matter. So when you take the desktop away, Ubuntu & Mint are the same. Cent is not much different on resources without a desktop, just a different package manager. All other terminal commands are the same to move around

The power is in using SSH to administer via the terminal, learning to install/remove software, move around the file system, transfer files and edit text files is not hard, just Google those terms.

The less unneeded stuff you have running is also good from a security stand point, Windows is always abused for security, but the truth is every os has vulnerabilities, and that's just the nature of the beast, before the Linux army get their panties bunched up - you know it's true - desktops include heaps of software all of which present "potential vulnerabilities".

Decide what you are doing with your VPS, then find out how and what you need to run it. Use a server edition, tbh. I haven't looked at the VPS here, but for the best security and most nimble system, this is my advice.

Learn Linux, learn the command line basics, there are loads of tutes out there, perhaps we have some on here, ask, maybe it's something we can get put on the site... Linux basics because a lot of people just want to learn, ask @Genesis he'll know, but Google and you tube.

Debian is very stable and my personal preference, stability and pure open source is Debian's super power.

Ubuntu used Debian at its core, Cononical, the company behind Ubuntu make various changes to the core, slap their own Unity desktop environment on it. Mint is just Ubuntu's​ core with, I think, Cinnamon desktop environment. None of which are any use when running a webservers or file server or the million other potential uses.

You can configure a full install to not start the desktop services. You have to configure an init file and change the run level... Tutorials are out there.

I hope this gives you with something to think about, people here are helpful providing you make the effort to help yourself which is only fair. Just take the time to form your question s so you get the best advice and answers. Good luck.

Did this help? Feedback is always appreciated
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The Best Debian Minimal Disc-
Super Fast and a lot of CP work in debian
I was in same situation while ago.. I prefer a graphical interface to move around. But for a vps... with that amount , or with those spec : you need to focus on the main application. So to run a vps, mail server or other internet stuff, it's mostly running with Appache protocol and so on. Once configured, it's all ok and you don't need to touch anything. It will be all web base related. A Linux Mint, is basically a linux with lot of pre tested application that are confirm to run ok on it. You could go and used it over VNC, but again, the spec will be quite slow. A vpn over your phone might be better in that event. So a ubuntu could be ok, or best, a Centos server or a minimal one with a dedicated app installed.
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The gold rule of the servers... If you don't need, don't install graphical interface, because you will install a lot of packages that you don't need, using more resources.

I use Debian and Ubuntu LTS. I prefer Debian on the servers, because all packages on the Debian repositories receive official security updates, on the Ubuntu the Universe and Multiverse are community supported.
I would recommend this: 
  • Webhosting / API-Server: Ubuntu (^16.0)
  • Traffic Manager / NS: Mint/Debian
  • Storage Managing e.g. RAID-0: Cent-OS
I'm prefer to Debian without gui , fast , stable and good  Smile
Depending on your intention of setting up the VPS Unknown . For me, either distro is fine as long as you're familiar/comfortable with Smile , be it with Desktop Manager (GUI) or not, if the spec is not up to our needs, we always can upgrade it to the capacity that works with our requirement.  Drinks

Lightbulb alternatively, you may consider setting up ZRAM to squeeze additional ram for use.

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