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Why Windows is the The most used os?

Why do you think windows is The most used os?
Do you think linux like UBUNTU OS is hard to use for a non-expert users?
(09-18-2018, 07:13 PM)Ahmed001 Wrote: Why do you think windows is The most used os?
Do you think linux like UBUNTU OS is hard to use for a non-expert users?

Unfortunately yes, I think it's still harder for a non-technical person to use Ubuntu. I use Linux Mint, which is an offshoot of Debian and Ubuntu and somewhat more user-friendly, but after all these years of working on it it's still easier for a novice to put up with the weaknesses of the W*** than to use Linux.

Of course the biggest reason is marketing. No free OS will ever compete on that.
Windows is more user friendly and the the oldest one after the Macintosh OS.but also Mac developed nowadays and also used in apple devices like ipod , ipad and iphone.
Linux is newer one and it's platform build for developer interface and users.
Windows has both option of normal users and developers and I think that It has the most user friendly platform.
The reason for that is low prices and variety. Is the same reason android is the most used os on mobile.

My personal opinion is mac os and ios is the most user friendly to use but the high prices and even more now they raise ever products killing any idea of iOS or mac being in any given time the most used OS. But that also goes allong with there marketing strategy they don't want to be in every pocket.. with Tim Cook I think the idea ( and wrong one) they want to be in few pockets but those who pay more. 

I think windows being much more affordable and having many OEM helps alot for any person to have a computer and that is great. Also the pre-installed OS on computers is what make people have a windows computer. Linux you have to do the extra mile to install it and configure, update it is not for everyone that only wants a computer that 'just work' out of the box.

Ubuntu is a good OS and light one improving everyday, but is always target for people that have some extra knowlege base. Gaming using wine... updating by terminal sudo package.. there are a lot they could do to make those steps easier and maybe one day be a plausible competitor that a common person start to buy products with linux pre-install and have a good experience without thinking a lot about every task.
Still in Desktop, Microsoft Windows is the easiest one when compared to Linux or Unix.

In mobile its a different story - Windows based OS is almost out of the picture.
Windows remains the de facto OS for many users because of the following:

- Backwards compatibility: many people want their software, especially their games, released 10 or 15 years ago to still work perfectly fine on their modern computer.
- Familiar workflow: Windows works as users expect to work because they are already used to it.
- Why switch when Windows already does the job? Why would I go through the trouble of installing Linux when Windows already does everything I need a computer to do?

I personally use macOS and Linux more frequently, however, the exception being for gaming.
(09-18-2018, 07:13 PM)Ahmed001 Wrote: Why do you think windows is The most used os?

Simply because it comes pre-installed on every pc.  Add the fact that most people do not know any better.  If people have a choice what os they want to have on their newly bought pc, we'll see different results.

Lack and little support to other os when it comes to gaming also enables windows to dominate that area.

Server-wise, linux is the better choice, and for good reasons.
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because it is easy to use.. and tweaking available, many support from windows user from all over the world

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