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Why nobody offer Mac Os VPS?
Hello, i alway view that all the VPS only offer Windows and Linux Server.
But why not Mac Os X Server ?
I'd take a calculated guess that Mac would be VERY expensive because it is a proprietary system just like Windows is. The OS would come at a hefty price.

Linux is free, has a very open network with loads of support documentation, and complete flexibility of a huge number of OS to use.
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I think there are the following reasons why it is not suitable for virtual servers.
Hardware is made by Apple. Apple store to install ....
· It is not free.
 Maintenance cost increases. There are many OSs available for free.
 The speed from reporting to vulnerability until it is resolved, management system

Someday Apple's software developers will run out of time, I think the day will come when you can use MacOS with VPS.
I think that day is close.
It is quite hard to automate the creation of Mac OS based VPSes. On linux, there are free tools that allow you to automate the creation and running of VPSes, but Mac is a more user-oriented system aimed at home users.
The reason why nobody provides MacOS VPS is due to Apple being able to sue for that, and the companies don't want to incur that financial damage.
Install Debian and then the apple mac interface look alike and hey presto you have mac on steroids
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(07-12-2017, 08:58 PM)nobodyspecial Wrote: Install Debian and then the apple mac interface look alike and hey presto you have mac on steroids
Hi NBS. Do you have a little tutorial for this perhaps? I just love this, I'd love to try it out. Good
I thinh taht the cause it's about the code...if your code is closed, nobody can work with it... mister J teach
Everyone above me has the same answer. So, now you know why. And also what is the point of using Mac OS as a server? I don't think if Mac OS is built to be a server, it would cost you the performance of your VPS.
MacOS is veeery expensive and Linux is Free and Easy to use

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Why nobody offer Mac Os VPS?345