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Why nobody offer Mac Os VPS?

Hello, i alway view that all the VPS only offer Windows and Linux Server.
But why not Mac Os X Server ?
I'd take a calculated guess that Mac would be VERY expensive because it is a proprietary system just like Windows is. The OS would come at a hefty price.

Linux is free, has a very open network with loads of support documentation, and complete flexibility of a huge number of OS to use.
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I think there are the following reasons why it is not suitable for virtual servers.
Hardware is made by Apple. Apple store to install ....
· It is not free.
 Maintenance cost increases. There are many OSs available for free.
 The speed from reporting to vulnerability until it is resolved, management system

Someday Apple's software developers will run out of time, I think the day will come when you can use MacOS with VPS.
I think that day is close.
It is quite hard to automate the creation of Mac OS based VPSes. On linux, there are free tools that allow you to automate the creation and running of VPSes, but Mac is a more user-oriented system aimed at home users.
The reason why nobody provides MacOS VPS is due to Apple being able to sue for that, and the companies don't want to incur that financial damage.
Install Debian and then the apple mac interface look alike and hey presto you have mac on steroids
Normality is a perseption based on someone else's jaded opinion.
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(07-12-2017, 08:58 PM)nobodyspecial Wrote: Install Debian and then the apple mac interface look alike and hey presto you have mac on steroids
Hi NBS. Do you have a little tutorial for this perhaps? I just love this, I'd love to try it out. Good
I thinh taht the cause it's about the code...if your code is closed, nobody can work with it... mister J teach
Everyone above me has the same answer. So, now you know why. And also what is the point of using Mac OS as a server? I don't think if Mac OS is built to be a server, it would cost you the performance of your VPS.
MacOS is veeery expensive and Linux is Free and Easy to use
Well there are no mac os vpses because apple don't redistribuite it and only they have it and well it's like linux as they are both unix like systems so you can do almost the same stuff from a terminal on linux as on mac.
There actually is Mac OS VPS hosting, but it is rare. OS X VPS hosting requires that the system is running on an Apple computer. Meaning you can't just build your own server, or buy one if you don't know how to build your own, you have to specifically buy an Apple one. Apple hardware is expensive, even though it really isn't that different from anything else Intel, but you are paying for the name.

Running an OS X VPS on anything other than Apple hardware is a violation of their policies and stuff, and Apple doesn't strike me as the type to play around about those types of things. I've played around with the idea of starting an OS X VPS company, but I just can't justify the hardware expense associated with it compared to the actual need for such services. I'd most likely lose more money than I would make any.
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The main reason is that Apple Hardware is really expensive. And support is not so long-term compared to *nix hosts. But thats my opinion. But I would die for a cheap and reliable OS X VPS.
Analize the Mac OS (OS x version 10.3 or more recent) and you will find that the default terminal shell is bash, and bash is often the default on GNU/Linux installations.
So, comparing  the costs of license, maintenance, security, etc.. for a similar terminal its just quite obvious.
Linux is an open source software which means it is basically a free operating system. Windows and Mac are however properties of Microsoft and Apple respectively which means if you want to setup a server using windows or mac, you will have to buy the operating system. In many cases, the VPSs provided are free and for educational purposes only, so buying the OS is not at all feasible. That is why the servers run mostly on linux.
Everyone above me has the same answer! MacOS is a proprietary Operating System, I really do not think it fits as a "server" OS, it would be much more expensive to run as MacOS only supports specific hardware and only provides certain drivers from Apple Approved Manufacturers, not the best option to go with a MacOS VPS in my opinion. I'd say go with Linux or maybe Windows (if you're a Windows Enthusiast).
I think that it will cost a lot of money. This is the first reason and also I guess that Apple is a high-quality company with a brand on the market so it's probably not their level to open soft for VPS installing. But I have found some resources for you:
Feel free to visit.
in all honesty mate the price of mac's Os is very expensive meaning that there isn't much high demand in place of these being offered but in all honesty i prefer Linux overall and maybe windows depending on what version the operating system actually is at . Windows 10 is good in all honesty on a vps!
I like this question! And the answer is it's expensive and the hardware troubleshooting is also very expensive too.. As far as I know the 95% servers on earth using Linux and Unix so why do you think these talented programmers using it? because Linux is FREE and It's Secure. Farther more there are many distribution of Linux is delicately designed to be a server os so it's reliable too.
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I think it's because you can't buy MacOS without buying a MacBook or an iMac

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