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Why you should never use 000WebHost

I am not using 000webhost, because I am having difficulty maintaining my account. I will monitor the future of 000webhost.
15 million sites will be one market. Now I can not control it.
000webhost will gather a lot of advertisements.
They were banned many years ago from webhostingtalk. No one thought they were a serious host at the time. While they may not be a very good host, they are at least a stable one with a sustainable business model. They do the same thing that does - when user accounts use too much CPU or sever memory they are suspended without warning and told to upgrade to paid accounts. A competent host knows how to balance their server load without resorting to that. But that's part of their business model - convert free clients to paid clients.

I agree though, you'd be crazy to upgrade a site on 000, especially after experiencing how poor quality their hosting service is first-hand.
well , i agree, i've used it ALOT and it comes off for several minutes sometimes, it loads my game forever, i then moved to another host
Definitely, 000webhost is ALWAYS unstable.
I got a website with 000webhost and when I abandoned the site for a week and it's gone, forever. And I can't even get back to their Custom Panel to start a new website.
IT IS SIMPLY HORRIBLE, except for its free SSL...
One more thing...
Actually 000webhost, youhosting (provides free reseller hosting, and was found that its hosting websites were all unavailable for sign up), Hostinger (international) , hosting24 are actually the same thing. The only difference is price. And, in the end, you'll get your free site upgraded in order to keep it up, running.
I have used it for some time and have not faced any problems. But definitely it is worst web ever.
Now, 000webhost is provider by Hostinger (Spain) and it looks great but if I need an vps or hosting i will choose GigaRocket....
I have used them to test some code and applications that i have made. 
Never have I come across any problems, in my experience they have always been up when I needed them to be.

There are many free hosting sites, I believe that gigarocket provide some free hosting as well.
Never use 000webhost for primary sites, no cpanel, no softaculous, and what is worst is I can't upload my custom scripts to the server.
i had a site hosted @ 000webhost  before 2 years or 3
some what ok but most of the time when some one tries to access my site they shows their page with ads, i asked them they advised to upgrade.
I think heliohost is good but now a days i faced downtime, and slow server response.
about Gigarocket hosting sorry i am a new baby hear.
Unfortunately I have to agree with a lot of people in this forum. 000WebHost, seemed like a good solution in my second year of Computer Science while trying to build a simple website that I had to deploy somewhere. I soon realized that if you signed up for free, you were entirely on your own. And even if you paid support was minimal. The interface is somewhat irritating and after a couple of attempts to make some use of it, I gave up. It might be convenient for complete newbies to deploy a simple website and see how things work, but not for long. After a month of playing around, I suggest junior programmers switch to something a little more reliable.
Can't agree with you more! It should be expected however, that the service won't be high quality seeing as they provide free hosting very publicly (they'll pop up on the front page of Google if you search 'free hosting').

Contrary to what other people might say, I think the interface is really easy to use (unless they give a different interface for paid users -- I had a cheap plan with them) from the time I spent with them.
And the rules about uptime and cooldowns, the lack of a working ftp upload feature. It was a disaster. Wasted 2days trying to host a simple site but now im going to try here a shot with a shared
I still use the free plan to 000webhost to this day, and I can definitely vouch for what you're saying. To start, the loading is extremely slow. I've never used dial-up internet before, but I can now relate when older people talk about sitting around waiting for a single picture to load. It is honestly just insane how slow they are. Next, the UI is terrible. I always find myself clicking around everywhere trying to find a basic feature that probably doesn't exist, knowing 000webhost. Free is free, I get that, but it's not even 24/7 anymore. You have allow an hour of downtime, and it is very inconvenient. They have a feature where you can set the downtime, but I could never get it to work. It's just always bugged. Then, they have the audacity to put a brand on your website's footer, and constantly nag you for a premium plan.

The only thing that didn't have so many bugs to try to work around was domain parking, which only took me about 5 minutes to get working. That's literally the only good thing I have to say about it. One of their basic features works on the first try.
[Image: qDvIMeq.png]
000webhosting is not a bad service if you want to test your own website and if it's small in terms of files. Large websites using cms, big databases and too many plugins are not recommended to be host there.

I think is another service like wix with there ads on the corner, but at least you can test your own design, code or cms like joomla or wordpress and that can be good for some people. From my experience the small websites I tested there never gave me any problems. I am having real issues with the byet free hosting, that one is always down with the error 502 bad gateway, much more unreliable. That is also why I saw in a forum the Gigarocket could be a good solution even if I couldn't test it yet, but the soon I have it I will complete the feedback here as well.
(01-13-2019, 03:27 PM)Kreesher Wrote: I am having real issues with the byet free hosting, that one is always down with the error 502 bad gateway, much more unreliable. That is also why I saw in a forum the Gigarocket could be a good solution even if I couldn't test it yet, but the soon I have it I will complete the feedback here as well.
I've heard bad reports as well. I've been with Byet free hosting myself. When I started with them around 2010 or somewhere then, they were OK, but eventually I had problems. It was a very crude cpanel setup. Anyway, there is so much of good quality shared hosting available, one doesn't need to be with places like that.

I've tried 000WebHost from time to time, but that's not been a good experience either. I found the cpanel very archaic and antiquated. I just took a peek now and notice they've merged with Hostinger. Maybe I should check them out again. Would be interesting how the marriage is working out and who knows maybe the cpanel is more up to date. Tongue
I too found 000webhost unsatisfactory and I stopped using it in favour of other providers.

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