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Best Way To Gain Traffic To Wordpress Website
Whoever is a wordpress expert out there please give me a good example on how to gain a lot of traffic to your wordpress website? Is there a plugin you can download?

I am just getting started with wordpress and i would love some assistance; once i get my free hosting account ill ask if anybody can rank my website and give me any tips.

Thank youuu Good
SEO by Yoast is supposed to be good, but if I were you I would start with Google Webmaster Tools and register first. All of the WordPress plugins basically work the same way, however can gobble up a lot of your resources. When you register for the Google Webmaster Tools you at the same time link your Website with Google, and that way Google helps you with basic stuff like key words to use, tracking, etc. Once you know how all of it works right at its source, and are familiar with what is exactly needed for WordPress plugins, you can check them out for the features you really need.

Here's a link for a tutorial how to register with Google for Webmaster Tools, but I'm sure you'd get even better of you Googled the subject. This is one subject worth Googling though, as SEO is not just a matter of a little plugin. It requires depth of insight and comprehension - it's a specialist area that is worth understanding how it works if you're serious about getting traffic to your business.
You could be more specific, what you ask can be said in a few words or could be a 5 pages topic...

First off all, there is no magic or special program addon to help you increase  traffic. 
You need to choose a topic and stick with it. Do not try to diversify to many topic, try to capture a interest of a group.
When writing use key word and make shore the header capture the interest of people, use Google KeywordPlanner and make you website SEO friendly, optimizing for sharing and clicks. 

some of my favorite tools 
Thank you! You guys rock

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