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Gaming Mouse
Hi Turkoglu,

I'm using the Steelseries Rival 300 and the Steelseries Qck+ mouse pad. I think both are gorgeous because the mouse is very precise and has just the right size and both look very elegant. I can also recommend the Razer Death Adder, one of the best mice you can find!
I use the Tt eSPORTS BLACK gaming mouse. You can adjust the weight and it also have buttons for adjusting the sensitivity (dpi). I think it's a nice-looking and comfortable mouse. It's marketed as a gaming mouse but I use it for everything, not just gaming. I don't really play that much nowadays to be honest so if you don't count game menus I think the most recent usage in games has been point-and-click adventures.
I don't use mouse , I use track boll . 
Logitec track ball in office , and I use Digio2 Q bluetooth track boll at mobile environmet. 
DIgio2 Track ball have 5 botton and scroll.  
It use bluetooth . therefore  usb port open.

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I don't use a gaming mouse. I think they're too complicated (I prefer a simple mouse). Right now I have the Microsoft Bluetooth Designer Mouse. It has an elegant and simplistic design which makes it a perfect fit for me! It's also wireless, like no need to plug anything in wireless!

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