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Best game of 2017?
Write the best game of 2017 in your opinion here.
Horizon Zero Dawn, IMHO. Great plot, amazing graphic
(11-12-2017, 07:34 AM)vicious Wrote: Horizon Zero Dawn, IMHO. Great plot, amazing graphic

Could you explain why you think that game is best in more detail?

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The first time I came across this game I did not find it interesting. I even didn't hear about it. First episodes showed me the girl with spear in wild barbaric clothes, and I thought to myself: "Another Far Cry Primal"However a little more gaming and I found it the game of 2017.As I mentioned above, my key points are plot and graphic.
Plot.I'm the fan of 'Lost'. I think other fans of 'Lost' find this game plot interesting. It's a world full of riddles and mysteries. I said it's a primal world like Far Cry? No, it comes out that it is the future post apocalyptic world. The world unfolds its puzzles in small pieces quest by quest, as 'Lost' does. Every reviled puzzle raise another new. And after exploring world reviles remains of the greatest corporation of 25th century, which made this apocalypse.Discovered compartments, opened doors, found sound, holographic and text recordings, reviles the apocalypse details and finally the origin and purpose of the protagonist. As characters in 'Lost' did.
Graphic.Amazing, and could be the best graphic today. A lot of trifles like talismans, beads, pendants are painted and modeled with a great accuracy. Landscapes, wide and limitless. Sand storms, blizzards, rains, sunsets, dawns.And the key point that I did not mention before.
Combats.It's not the RPG game where you've got high-level, and environment is mostly harmless. Every mob need to be scanned, observed. His weak places must be discovered. It may be fuel tank, which could be blown up using fire-arrow, or hydraulic pipe which may paralyze some mob's functionality. If you don't remember this weak places, it's very little chance you could get the mob, even having high-level. Besides, this combat includes such methods as to hack the mob and override it. Overridden machine can help fighting. In addition, there are such great combat tools as 'slow motion' and stealth.
Even though it was initially released last year, it has to be Planet Coaster for me again. Just the sheer content updates, free and paid DLC have added a dynamic to the game, which already has infinite possibilities. The thing I enjoy the most about it is just browsing the Steam Workshop for parks, coasters and scenery items which are absolutely fantastic and push the boundaries of creativity. I'm not that much of a creative type, but I am a theme park/rollercoaster enthusiast, so I know what makes a good coaster element wise and thrill wise. The sound design is fantastic and the OST which plays in the background when building is relaxing. Just overall the game is amazing. Frontier have a pedigree in simulation, so I'm looking forward to the future of the game and the new Jurassic World game which will come out next year! Just my two cents.

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