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Andriod Anti virus
Yeah most antivirus available on playstore are fake. Just be careful not to install anything suspicious
I don't feel they are THAT usefull on a phone. Just have the latest version of android if possible
I don't use any antivirus on my android phone currently...but i will recommend avg antivirus (it is available as free trial app too)...i have used it for few months in past.
If you clean your phone once per week actually you do not need any antivirus
I don't use any, since Android has its own built-in antimalware system that prevents packages from harming the system.
I hope you know that, pretty much any type of android phone can download files from the internet.(like apk files) Which can contain viruses. Also from apps/sites like 4shared where you can download games/apk files for free which quite frequently contains viruses. So for that use you should definetely usa a anti virus programme. Be warned everyone! (please share your opinion on this :))

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