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Why is Simplicity So Difficult?
Just a reminder. You have to deal with meta data etc if you want your site to be SEO
(06-12-2014, 07:33 PM)Genesis Wrote: You're right, it can't get more simple than this, but at the same time the design is VERY elegant.

Signed up, but then when I tried to log in it said username and password not found.

That's because I forgot to set auto-increment for the primary key on the database table. The first INSERT worked correctly because it created key number zero, but everything else tried to duplicate that key. I fixed it and you can now register and login correctly.
The actual answer is

we have two half's of a brain, a heart and a soul(if you have not sold yours yet, i did, for bus fare,then promptly bought a beer and walked home)

as for finding what works, just keep trying till you hit the nail on the head
Normality is a perseption based on someone else's jaded opinion.
(12-12-2016, 07:23 PM)Fat_Jay Wrote: as for finding what works, just keep trying till you hit the nail on the head
At times I seem to be hitting the nail with my head. But you're right of course. There are many ways to skin a cat, and you just have to keep trying until you find the right way. If the one doesn't work, find another.
I dont recommend pirating themes, but you can find a good free one, if you really search for it!
If you really want simple, just use an HTML framework like bootstrap or w3shools.  I guess it requires a little knoweldge in CSS.. is a great place to get started working with html.

Simplicity is easy once you know your way around the white space. Like @myserver99 said, ripping themes is not a good habbit, so you have to get a grip of coding and learn it.
Forgive me if I won't deal with the specifics of the thread as I'll only try to address the question in the title: 'Why is Simplicity So Difficult?'

Abstract things are deceivingly complex. The more layer of abstraction they are, the more their complexity increases. Only those who master that complexity can have access to simplicity. That's why (I think) SIMPLICITY IS DIFFICULT. To enjoy it means to master the craft.

A moment of introspection :-)
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Why is Simplicity So Difficult?381