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Maintenance of your computer
I don't use any antivirus as there is no virus floating around anymore. I just use Ccleaner, and MS security essentials and some times I will use hijack this to fix stupid browsers hijacks. That is all.
My antivirus and malware is set to auto scan - I use a VirtualBox for downloading dodgy files and testing or going to websites for cracks/keygens if there is something malicious then it only affects the VM I can delete it and create a new copy of the master VM 

never had any problems with my main PC over the last 30 years of computing no viruses, no trojans, no ransomware
I want to add following,
9. clearn up machine and cable.
10. battery check own machine.
11. check recover sample data from backup.
12. check connected device(live or death).

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Maintenance of your computer459