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Your favorite Paid Web Hosting Provider
There are too many paid hostings that offers best services, but you cannot name them who's the very best, as every web hosting has downtimes, issues, and problems. Only that those per month offered hosting with complete package may have the best, but still, we could not assure 100% uptime. Remember, some paid sites shut down due to some DDOS issues not being solved.
Because the I'm from Russia, I know a good Russian hosting. I used it for several years. It made me very pleased (not adv)
If it comes to All in one hosting the namecheap will be good but if u want to customize every aspect u should use pure vps from vultr
Best providers for me - that I'm using - are WebHostFace, Stablehost, HostMantis, Namecheap, WebHostingBuzz and GeekStorage.
I use for two websites/applications that I did. It is a great host provider, and with nice occasional discounts. Their service is also excellent!! They helped me quite a lot both on telephone and via email. You can choose Linux or Windows Panel to work with. Unfortunately I think they do only shared hosting and do not provide dedicated servers or vps. Still it is a very good provider that I intend to continue trusting.
OVH is the best providers for me, they constantly innovating to develop bespoke, scalable technologies that offer users guaranteed performance and huge freedom of configuration.

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Your favorite Paid Web Hosting Provider540