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Malwarebytes - Free or Premium Version?
I like malwarebytes premium because 1: I get it for free with my Malwarebytes Techbench license 2: It is so automated I do not have to deal with it unless I want to allow a program it just works and gets all the junk off of my pc!
Since I started using Malwarebytes, I saw how helpful it was, detecting PUPs, spywares, rootkits e.t.c. I started for free and then I purchased a premium version. I highly recommend using some of your money for the premium, because it offers a lot more options and real-time protection.
If I have to be honest I use every 13 days the 14 days free trial of the premium version Yahoo
But sometimew use just install it for a scan and then I uninstall it!
Anyway that's good anti malware even Bit defender don't see everything

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Malwarebytes - Free or Premium Version?353