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Alternative CMS
(12-29-2016, 12:06 AM)riddict Wrote: Make your own CMS using PHP Framework like Laravel, or PHPcake resim


Concrete5 is a stable CMS built on Laravel.

I'm building one now on Phalcon - much much MUCH faster than Laravel, and I don't have to look at 100 directories with 1000 files in them.
Awesome, I've installed on my server and It's very powerful cms. Thank you!!
For little projects I really like Void is a one file PHP script, 100 lines of code if I recall. Nice simple little script to get a blog and some pages running. Works with flat-files and the popular markdown syntax.

Otherwise ghost is nice, but you need node.js

Oh, also, I'd you want something similar to void with a web facing administration backend pico is very light.
The Grav CMS looks very good!
(03-20-2017, 04:44 PM)MichlPlays Wrote: The Grav CMS looks very good!

 To earn a Quality Post credit, could you tell us why you think Grav CMS looks very good?
it have been a year and more since i am using the pagekit, the most relaible, secure, and inituiative CMS ever buitl in my life.
why you look for the alternative? if you use the neew CMS, they will be lack of support, because the new CMS will have few people that have install it, if i was you,  will install the common one, and it's esaier for me, becuse they are so many tutorial how to hardening the security in each popular platform. is not all abaout the security, it also about, community and support, to choose what the best CMS you will use.

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