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illegal or not ... share video from Youtube, spotify and others.. in your website
I don't think it is illegal. I suggest you read your hosting provider's terms for better understanding.
I think you can safely embed the video if it is the copyright holder that has uploaded it. If they don't want to allow the video being embedded they can easily disallow it.

If someone has uploaded a video without permission from the copyright holder I think it might be illegal to embed it on your website. Some claim that just linking to illegal content is not illegal but I don't think that is true. Torrent sites used to claim the same thing but unfortunately it didn't work out so well for many of them.
I think it is legal to share video by embedding youtube player on your website. Either way if you upload the video on your website and stream through it, I think that is illegal.
Not, if you can see the share button means it was allowed by the owner to share them I think. the problem is the owner might get copyright claim from others with its content lol
It's only illegal if you are making money off of their content.  Make sure you ask first if you are gonna be making money off of them before you use their video.
This has happened to my channel recently. Four other channels (probably the same person) has copied and reposted in one case 49 of my videos. They have not monetized the copied videos however, my concern is by signing my name, email and home address on the copyright claim This person(s) will now have even more of my personal information. I wonder if it is a way to bait me in
IMO, Youtube gave the uploader options for the license, was it Youtube standard license or creative common (CC). Youtube standard license means you can only view the video with Youtube facility (embedding is counted), so it is legal as long as the embedding method is provided by youtube. With CC, you have more loose restriction. You can download the video and re-upload it to your site, as long as you give an attribution.

Again, that's just my opinion.
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illegal or not ... share video from Youtube, spotify and others.. in your website476