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How do I make my index show up first on the search results?

So my website is finally in the search results, but i have a problem with it. How do I make my index page show up first. Right now different pages from my website are showing up first in the search results and my index last. How do I change this?

search term: my website.

1. About : my website

2. Who are we? : my website

3. What do we do? : my website

4. Home : my website

What I want is that the index shows up first and then the other pages.
Google ranks pages on their actual content and things like other websites linking back to your site. Hobo-web have a good guide on using meta-tags properly, this might help your cause. The mystery of Google ranking engine is an enigma, the fact that your pages are all showing is a good thing, provides many ways to get you your site. You can use a robots.txt file to ask certain pages not to be crawled. I don't know if it can be used for any other purpose, but maybe you can look at the robots.txt and metatags and do research and also analyse the content of those pages that are ranking to see why they are in the order they are. Provide more information, like your website address, there are probably SEO's on these forums who would take one look at tell you. Hope this helps you get started with your SEO adventures though.
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If you do not want to access the search robot (such as Google) you can specify a refuse to search in the robot.txt file.
User-agent: *
Disallow: / cgi-bin /
Disallow: / data /
Disallow: /contents/index.html
Maybe the other pages has more rank in Google than the index pages.

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