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Country love

Which country u love most and why?
I love my country India because India is traditional culture in whole world with coexistence of different religions and cast.
I like USA and France also they are best in natures
You should visit Portugal ;)
I like my own country Sweden, because it's home, but I can't say I love it.
I really like Mexico.  Despite Mexico being right next to the USA and the USA constantly trying to destabilize Mexico so that Mexico would never become an economic threat, it still up and strong.  Mexico should be a failed state but it is not!  This is unbelievable.  They've got the most hostile terrain on the planet.  They got the harshest mounts on the planet.  They've got the harshest deserts on the planet but yet people still manage to stick together as one country.  TBH I believe they've remained in one piece all this time because they have a superpower just up north that will invade as soon as it gets the chance.
I like Japan. my country has nature and good food.
You should visit Tokyo olympic at 2020. 
Probably , You will play Pokemon Go. Smile
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U.S.A., my home.  Feel connected to the land.
The Czech Republic is the best, second is Australia :-).
I like actualy egypt....
very special people in this country

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