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What is your favourite Web editing software?

(06-28-2015, 04:30 PM)Genesis Wrote: I'm beginning to worry about FileZilla too. With my last experience I used both File Manager and FileZilla to update the same script. FileZilla took probably 10 times as long. Don't know why.

I recently had a style.css mess with FileZilla upload. But as I said filemanager does it just fine, especially if you upload .zip file. As the matter a fact there is nothing that FileZilla can do that filemanager can not. Of course I'm talking about cPanel filemanager.
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notepad++ is great... but I also use PSPad with filezilla.

When working with files live on a working site I find that PS pad works better.

Notepad++ I use for local files that I edit... PSpad for live edits
Haven't heard of PsPad before (note to self - have to go and check it out). Good
Anyone had used Google Web Designer ? I remember downloading and trying but got bored with it. Nice interface it has. But since you have been using Dreamweaver nearly 10 years it's hard to use anything else.
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PsPad is alot like Note++ ... but more geared for core editing, not just a random notepad like Note++
I generally use web portals [Jcow/ ect.] or forum software such as simple machine forums for my hosting. If my site needs a front page it's normally a quickly written and edited simple html link page that has the links for all my forums on it.
It depends on the platform I'm editing on.

If I'm on my main computer running Windows, I use Dreamweaver CS5, unless I'm doing a quick edit through FileZilla, then I just use notepad.

If I'm on my laptop running Ubuntu, I use Brackets or gedit.

I'm lucky enough to know someone who worked for adobe, and got the CS5 collection for free. I have the disks and everything!
(08-21-2015, 10:17 AM)Schwabs Wrote: I'm lucky enough to know someone who worked for adobe, and got the CS5 collection for free. I have the disks and everything!
That is damn lucky! Wow! Cool
i like notepadd++ and normal notepad.
by doing serious stuff im using adobe dreamweaver cs6. but most of the time im using notepad++.
or cpanel file manager editor. i happy if i can edit it i don't care what for software it is
perry is back!
please end my suffer.
i am scripter and i use notepad+++ beacuse its advanced
Notepad++ is the best for me.
I like PHPEdit
Mostly using Sublime or VIM for rails.
For this i use my mind to visualize the web looks and KomodoIDE to create the code (http://komodoide.com/)
Web editing softwares like Dreamweaver will only limit your knowledge and skills, i dont advice it even if you're lazy!
Notepad++ for ever... but we can not script everything with him
For web development can use Notepad,Dreamweaver,Netbeans also best.
I like Notepad++
also DreamWeaver doing good job but its not free
Free software very simple and it shows the code errors
Sublime feels so convenient, can't think of anything else, I could utilize.
I still use the old good notepad++ , my personal favorite. I feel like a pro at coding whenever I use it ;)
I use and like Brackets. I like the plugins, the keyboard shortcuts, the design, look & feel, and pretty much everything about Brackets.

I also tried Komodo Edit, Atom (from Github), Visual Studio Code (from Microsoft), Sublime Text 2, Notepad++, and others, but i don't like functionality and the plugins as much as bracket's.
I use existing templates that I get for free off the Internet and i use Notepad+
Definitely Notepad++, just get free templates and edit. Then add in custom code
I use Visual Studio Code. Its open source, free to use and there are many extensions available. You can develop extensions on your own in TypeScript or JavaScript. All in all its a very neat Editor.
I really enjoy using atom.It's easy to use,has a lot of shortcuts,it's free.You can get it from http://atom.io
Go on commodo ;)
My favorite web editing software is Kompozer. I like it because it is very intuitive software. Kompozer lets me use visual WYSIWUG interface, or direct html and css coding. I highly recommend it to everyone.
Adobe Dreamweaver! It has a very nice auto complete for code, so you dont have to keep typing a lot, has a very nice code ident tool, find and replace tool extended for folders and even whole local site, FTP connection easly configurable and a LOT of other very nice tools that makes it FAR BETTER than Notepad++
Mozilla Thimble is pretty nice, it has preview and multiple coding languages.
I Use Xenforo And For Editing Website I Use Inspector In Chrome And Notepad++ For HTML :) xD
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