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What is your favourite Web editing software?

If youre talking about notepads = Notepad++ is the best i think but Atom is working good aswell, Its lightweight and looks good so it can fit ur standards ;p
I mostly use Sublime Text, it combines simplicity and functionality, and has a lot of awesome packages to add to it! I almost never edit on web-based editors though, mostly because my connection is prone to annoying interruptions.
I usually use Wordpress for my sites! However, recently I have been coding my own sites! I use this app called Coda 2 for Mac! It has an FTP, file editor, and SSH clients built-in!
WeBuilder and EditPlus on Windows; Coda 2, Brackets and Taco HTML Edit (to preview PHP pages) on Mac OS. Good
I like to use atom to edit code.
If you have WordPress, why would you edit code !?
(06-20-2013, 08:03 AM)whsecurity Wrote: It depends on the project. If the project is just a website notepad++ or dreamweaver(mac). If it something more complex, for ex. online with mobile etc notepad++ with xcode or eclipse.

off topic
A little hint. For everything else (not web) see embarcadero. If you want to just write the code once and be multiple platform.

wow, that sound great, i have project to make some code to take multiple platform at once, without to rewrite all code from sracth, thanks dude. for the info, :)

Version control integration, remote projects over SFTP, a command window for the remote server, local workspace / remote file browser, class inspector, diff tool, Decent database tools, remote debugging, code formatter that works with mixed PHP/JS/CSS/HTML, and just all around bad ass!

Before I sprung for PHPStorm, I was using NetBeans PHP version - which was pretty good too considering.
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(03-06-2017, 06:40 AM)foretribe Wrote: I like to use atom to edit code.

 For a Quality Post credit, could you tell us why you like to use atom to edit code?
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I just use Notepad++ because it's simply just there always.
(06-12-2013, 01:28 PM)Genesis Wrote: How do you go about with creating a Website, and what is your favourite Web editing software?

I either use already made templates+Edit them, mainly using notepad+
I still launch Run and use Wordpad lol the default Windows Software. I just don't have any problem with it and i am too lazy to download Wordpad ++ even though i heard so many good things i just stick with the basics. Judging on the Reviews on here i might finally switch lol  [Image: yahoo.gif]
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(03-10-2017, 09:01 PM)Yozora Wrote:
(03-06-2017, 06:40 AM)foretribe Wrote: I like to use atom to edit code.

 For a Quality Post credit, could you tell us why you like to use atom to edit code?

That is becasue fellows:

1, it is not hearly ones. I mean it is not like eclipse IDE which is need to load so long time.
2, it also have enough plugins you can find the like emmt for html editor and some javascript pllugins and some plugin like  atom-live-server, which is you do not need to install additional http-server or apache server to seem your front-end
3, give you suggestion but limitation, it just give you suggestion when you want to use class method, not give you the list,you had to selected one of them.
4, have plugins suit for scala, as sometimes ago I develop a simple scala http4s task. it works and can effectivly edite scala code with scala plugin.
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I use atom from http://atom.io  .It's a great editor for html,css,javascript and many other programming languages.It's built on html css javascript and it also has auto completation and coloring in the code.
I'm using codeanywhere. It's a free code editor with FTP support.
On older days, I used Adobe Dreamweaver for my development. Currently I'm using Sublime Text 3. Sublime text is really cool editor and has a lot of plugins available for the ease of use, but it's a paid one. Also, there is an alternative for Sublime Text, which is Visual Studio Code. It's free and open source code editor available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It comes with built-in support for JavaScript, TypeScript and Node.js and has a rich ecosystem of extensions for other languages (such as C++, C#, Python, PHP, Go) and runtimes (such as .NET and Unity)
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Im using Komodo for editing software on -+5 years coding, for php, html and css code.
I use BlueGriffon when html coding.
I use Bluefish when css coding.
I use Brackets when php and javascipt coding
(04-20-2017, 06:54 AM)imlyrrad Wrote: I'm using PHPStorm, and Brackets Biggrin

 To earn a Quality Post credit, could you tell us why you use PHPStorm and Brackets?
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Well I hand code websites, so I prefer Notepad++. Now FrontPage is a good editing software but would rather use Notepad++.
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It depends of the language..
Most used is:
notpad++ with plugins (compare, nppftp, jstools, xmltools, )
firefox with plugins (web developer, User Agent Switcher, Firebug, Ghostery, HttpFox, FireQuery, Advanced Cookie Manager, YSlow, Usersnap)
I use Sublime Text 3. It has a lot of handy features and package control.
I don't like neither adopt simple text editors like Notepad++, Sublime (the old)... I'd rather use IDEs' to edit my websites.

My favorite IDE is PHPStorm (commercial), as it is very powerful and include these deatures 
  • Major frameworks supported (Codeigniter (my fav), Laravel, Yii, Zend Framework...)
  • Automatic PSR-0 indexing
  • Full support of many VCSs'
  • Powerful debugging
  • Intelligent Coding Assistance
  • Easy testing tools (with PHP 7.0+ it fully supports PHPUnit)
  • and much more....
Drops down my basic folder structure and frameworks that I need, and use Visual Studio Code to, well what else, code.

The reason behind VS code is because it's faster than Atom. Also it has plugins that I need, makes things easier for me.
Dreamweaver and Photoshop are the reason I run a Windows virtual machine, plenty or processor cycles and RAM and it works a treat. However, web design has changed so much with phones, tablets and various other devices, Im starting to use web frameworks to get the work done, one of the reasons I want a VPS is for trying Django
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Many IDE are for development, but all it insert other non-functional code. I use Notepad++ (Windows) and gEdit (Ubuntu). Code must be clean! Cool
Mos of the time I use a content management system like wordpress, its just easier and hassle free for most of the jobs.
Probably a very unpopular opinion but i like Sublime Text 3 the most. It has Nice plugins and distraction free mode. it is super light weight and supports a lot of languages.
Notepad++ to me is the best. I use through WinSCP
(05-13-2017, 08:08 PM)lfsousa Wrote: Notepad++ to me is the best. I use through WinSCP

 To earn a Quality Post credit could you tell us why you think Notepad++ is the best?
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