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What is your favourite Web editing software?

For simple static web sites
CoffeeCup will do the job

But I use Microsoft Visual Studio for web development, as mostly have to handle both front end and back end functionality.
I used to use Notepad++ but hated the lack of features of languages like Lua so I moved over to Atom and have stayed there ever since. It outperforms Notepad++ in terms of language supports and there is a strong sense of community support through github as they release different extensions for Atom itself.
PhpStorm + Sublime text
I stick with raw html which I code in Visual Studio along with the code behind.  If I have a static site that I want to make, I'll use Dreamweaver too, but that's not very often as I develop full stack applications
I code my Yii PHP code with "NotePad Plus". NotePad Plus is a powerful and professional text editor for all scripting languages ​​and languages. The free Notepad ++ program is for editing the code source code and the replacement for the Windows notepad. Simply using this software is a feature that tempts any programmer to use this software to get rid of other software.
Notepad ++ is an advanced version of Windows Notebook. You can use C, C ++, HTML, ASP, Java, Pascal, CSS to create powerful editions of the program.

Notepad ++ features:
- Having a WYSIWYG editor
- Display syntax commands of different programming languages ​​in color
- Auto-completion feature
- Ability to display, edit multiple documents and text files simultaneously
- Drag & Drop files and documents
- Zooming on text
- Ability to open multiple files in a window and call them by reopening the software
- Has a professional search
- Support for various languages ​​including Farsi in software menus
- Bookmark feature support
- Ability to open heavy files
-   And …
Actually I started with dreamweaver back in the days, however, now I use Visual Studio Code, it is free and there are lots of plugins for every purpose.
I would like to invite both designers and developers to give it a try.
At this point, my sites are static so there is a lot of stuff that I don't need. 

Since the majority of views that I get for what I put up comes from devices (phones & tablets), I want my sites written in AMP. I was simply writing my pages in Word (with a template that I made of course) and pasting it in a file on the server. The big pain with AMP is that you cannot use separate CSS or java files. And you can only use the java that is in the AMP library. What this means is having to go in and change each and every page every time the site navigation or text type changes. I have over 300 pages on my one site. Sooo...

But then I found Mobirise. While many of its blocks write pages in bootstrap, it also has the option to write AMP instead. This program has global blocks for AMP site projects that you can use. So I can change the nav on one page and it changes it in all the site pages. I can also change the font type and size for the entire site and it will rewrite the CSS in all the pages. Of course, posting updates of these types means uploading ALL pages in this case. 

Mobirise is available for free if anyone is interested, with the option to upgrade so you can edit the code right in the program. Not a bad deal, I think. But if you don't write AMP, there is no workaround when a bug temporarily affects you, you'll just have to wait for support to fix the bug. I do write AMP so it's not a problem for me.

I tried that WordPress a few years ago and plain got frustrated with the dang thing and its many limitations. If I can't get under the hood and tweak the code, it's useless to me. I do like WYSIWYG programs as they can save a lot of time writing HTML and CSS but let's face it, most of them write sloppy code that should be fixed.
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In my opinion any editor with syntax highlighting and some kind of autocompletion is the best way to go because they mainly don't need much time to work with. So nano, kate,… do great jobs, one thing i never get managed: emacs it's a too good editor :)
As indicated by many others the choice of software is really dependent on project size/complexity etc. 

For big sites (esp if needing CVS) Dreamweaver is great and use Eclipse for non-html code, but if it’s a small job or slight change then Notepad++ (Windows) or BBEdit (Mac) is more than adequate.
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